Environmental Initiatives & Sustainability at Yellowstone

Yellowstone is recognized as an awesome natural monument set aside “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people” for generations to come. During the late 1800’s while most of the west was still undeveloped and wild, the wondrous geysers and hot springs along with the bountiful wildlife, Native Americans and early explorers to the Yellowstone area realized they were in a special place. Yellowstone is also a living laboratory, where natural systems are mostly allowed to function with little or no interference. It is for these reasons that Yellowstone National Park Lodges continues to expand and enhance our sustainability initiatives and environmental management programs. We are committed to preserving Yellowstone, and our other Legendary Places, for future generations.

"When people actively and thoughtfully protect and preserve our planet's beautiful places, they have made a moral investment in that destination's continued success... When our guests and our employees start making lifestyle changes because of the initiatives they undertake or observe at our parks and resorts, then we will know that we have been truly successful."

- Andrew N. Todd, CEO, Xanterra, Inc.