Lake Yellowstone Hotel Awarded Green Seal Lodging Certification for Sustainable Operations

At the close of 2014, Lake Yellowstone Hotel met Green Seal™ standard GS-33, under bronze-level certification, based on waste minimization, water and energy efficiency, hazardous substance handling, and an environmental purchasing policy.
Lake Yellowstone Hotel’s certified operations as a green property set the bar for parkwide advancements in sustainability, which is why the National Park Service endorsed certification as part of Xanterra’s Yellowstone contract and how the hospitality company works toward meeting its own environmental management system goals. Certification was an NPS contractual commitment, and Lake Yellowstone Hotel was chosen in large part due to its prominence as a pace-setter for lodging in national parks.

While there are many green labels and certifications to choose from, Green Seal is unique. Its lodging-tailored standards tells guests and vendors that Lake Yellowstone Hotel maintains some of the most holistic and stringent environmentally-preferable operations in the industry while delivering the quality experience guests expect. Xanterra’s systematization of best practices protects our employees as well as visitors, in addition to conserving natural resources for future generations. Achieving third-party certification from a national, independent organization substantiates Lake Yellowstone Hotel’s performance and Xanterra’s dedication to health and environmental leadership in the industry.

We provide information here as a glimpse into our efforts toward greater accountability throughout our operations, including the supply chain. Xanterra’s certifications, awards, and other recognition for impact reduction at Yellowstone help us to keep setting the bar higher as an environmental leader in hospitality, and support overarching organizational goals.

“Green Seal congratulates Xanterra Parks & Resorts at Yellowstone National Park for achieving Green Seal Bronze certification, which only true sustainability leaders in hospitality can achieve. We commend Xanterra at Yellowstone for demonstrating their commitment to waste management, green purchasing, energy efficiency, and all the other requirements in the lodging standard. And we applaud Xanterra for providing a sustainable lodging option for those visiting one of our national treasures, Yellowstone National Park.”

– Green Seal President and CEO Dr. Arthur Weissman