Green Seal

Green Seal, Inc. manages one of the most rigorous and holistic sets of third-party eco-certifications for cleaning products, related services, restaurants, and hotels in the industry. As an independent, nonprofit science-based standard developer and certification body, Green Seal, identifies products and services that are environmentally preferable, and provides public education for creating a more sustainable world. The original “Green Seal of Approval” was founded in 1989 to help safeguard the health of people and the planet.


Green Seal has developed standards for nearly 400 different categories of products and services. It is an ANSI accredited standard development body and adheres to their requirements of openness, public process, and diversity among stakeholders. Green Seal standards consider multiple attributes across the life cycle of a product to ensure that all major areas of environmental and health impacts have been addressed. Its standards are regularly reviewed and updated based on changes in public health, science and technology.


Green Seal has also certified over 4,000 products. To ensure a fair, transparent, and credible certification process, Green Seal follows EPA and ISO guidelines for third-party certifiers. The certification process includes analysis of all product formulas including fragrances and colorants, performance testing, packaging and labeling, and an on-site audit of manufacturing facilities. Periodic monitoring is required to maintain certification, and certified products are continually reviewed against updated standards.

The organization’s Sustainability Leadership Standard for Hotels & Lodging Properties (GS-33 standard) prioritizes waste minimization, water and energy efficiency, hazardous substance handling, and an environmental purchasing policy. The GS-33 certification logo on a property represents completion of a stringent process to comply with its standards, including corporate commitment, evidence of policy implementation, documentation review, an on-site audit, and on-going compliance monitoring and recertification. GS-33 offers three levels of certification: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.