Green Retail at Yellowstone National Park

  • Opened “For Future Generations: Yellowstone Gifts” in 2009—a store focused on sustainable products and educating the visitor on climate change in the parks. Green remodel of store includes Northslope Treadlight flooring from sustainably managed forest in Montana; fixtures from reclaimed wood (some from the old floor and the Old Faithful Inn remodel) made by Ecowood and Rich’s Rustic Frame Art; and LED lights from Eco-Story. New products include bison dung paper art and puzzles made from recycled content and embedded with wildflower seeds. The educational component of the store connects the need to make sustainable consumer choices with helping to protect the parks.
  • The store also features an innovative first-of-its-kind “sustainability scorecard” for a retail operation. Products in the facility are accompanied by a display that provides comprehensive information on the impact the retail items have on the environment. This transparency allows consumers to better quantify the product’s environmental impact and to make informed choices when purchasing items.
  • Implemented a “Sustain the Earth” campaign to promote sustainable purchases in gift shops. Environmentally friendly offerings include coffee mugs manufactured with U.S. corn “plastic,” pencils made from recycled money and denim, bamboo clothing, recycled plastic fiber blankets, glass products manufactured from recycled Yellowstone glass, and picture frames made of wood recycled from Old Faithful building demolition.
  • In 2010, 35% of retail product purchases in the park were sustainable.