Green Retail at Yellowstone National Park

  • Our operations achieved over 40% sustainable retail sourcing in 2014, as part of our ongoing commitment to responsible procurement practices.
  • We strive to educate our guests about climate change in the parks and options for reducing our individual and collective impacts through sustainable product choices. Our Retail operation provides a growing array of environmentally friendly merchandise. Products are labeled wherever possible to indicate environmentally preferable status (i.e., organic, locally/regionally produced or Made in USA, sustainably harvested, culturally significant (e.g., Native American art), made of repurposed or post-consumer recycled materials, made from renewable resources, reusable, biodegradable, third party eco- or socially-responsible certification, etc.).
  • Examples of more sustainable products that we offer in gift shops include: durable and reusable items, such as water bottles; recycled content home decor; sustainably packaged gifts; local goods like pottery and clothing; gourmet foods, such as those with Montana huckleberry ingredients; and Native American-made crafts.
  • In addition to utilizing repurposed wine bottles as our in-room glasses, we also sell the glasses in our gift stores. These glasses are branded with a unique sustainability message and YNPL logo, and provide an excellent interpretative opportunity for our guests.
  • As part of our interorganizational effort with others across Yellowstone to transition away from the use single-use disposable plastic water bottles, we’re offering new amenities. We encourage and enable guests to stay hydrated with fresh tap water from the park, and they can replenish at water filling stations found throughout our locations in Yellowstone. In the summer of 2013, Xanterra installed our first dedicated water bottle filling unit, or “hydration station” in the lobby of the Mammoth Hotel. As of early 2015, we will have dedicated stations in four lodging properties and will be adding three more; all locations will have dedicated filling stations by 2016.
  • To complement the hydration station program, we provide lodging guests the option to purchase reusable water bottles. We also offer a variety of reusable containers, at a range of price points, for purchase in gift shops.
  • We do not automatically offer shopping bags to guests at our gift stores, and instead them the option to request a disposable bag. These are made with almost 100% recycled content and our paper gift bags certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • In addition, guests who spend over $50 get a free reusable tote bag (85% recycled content).
  • Retail employees are resourceful about reusing boxes and gift packaging to reduce landfill waste.