Environmentally Preferable Purchasing at Yellowstone National Park

Xanterra has a goal to achieve 75% total sustainable sourcing covering retail, cuisine, operations, and capital projects by 2020. To learn more about related initiatives, we invite you to visit the links below.

Green Retail

Sustainable Cuisine

    Responsible Material Management

  • Preference to products and vendors that minimize packaging and/or provide material take-back and reuse opportunities. For example, one of our largest vendors, Sysco, utilizes plastic pallets for shipping, and takes them back for reuse instead of using wood pallets that tend to break. Our parkwide bulk amenities program also reduces waste by using refillable in-room amenities for soaps and lotions, and bear-shaped bar soaps that are shipped without individual wrapping.
  • In addition to office paper with 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, our paper print shop products, dining menus, guest room directories and signage are also high PCR content as well as processed chlorine-free (PCF) and printed with soy inks whenever possible. For example: we have upgraded our in-room Guest Service Directory binders to ones with recycled content material.
  • We have removed all non-recyclable paper (neon colors) from our print shop.
  • Sanitary paper is 100% PCR and PCF for more than 2,200 guest rooms, campgrounds and RV parks; towels for dispensers at all properties and restrooms; and napkins in employee dining rooms and cafeterias.
  • Sustainably sourced waste sorting fixtures such as locally made, recycled-content Back Alley Metals outdoor recycling stations and recycled content in-room waste sorting units.
  • Switched all of its pens in lodging services to Bic Ecolutions that are made from 75% pre-consumer plastic.
  • Eliminated all Styrofoam disposable food containers from operations.
  • Lodging purchases pillows that feel like down but are actually made in part from recycled plastic content! We have also converted to eco-friendly shower curtains made of non-PVC plastic materials that do not off-gas.
  • Chemicals

  • We review all new chemicals introduced into our park operations for environmental attributes through our Chemical Review Committee and try to minimize the total number of products.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally preferable laundry detergent in campground vending.
  • Housekeeping and other cleaning chemicals that are eco-friendly, including as designated through Green Seal, for the majority of our routine needs.
  • Replaced disinfectants for most departments with Pure Green 24, a product that contains no alcohol, bleach or other toxic ingredients and its manufacturing process produces zero discharge with no waste or byproducts. PureGreen 24 is manufactured from Silver Ions, Citric Acid and Purified Water.
  • Converted to propylene glycol coolant (from ethylene glycol) in all areas of operation to reduce potential toxicity to wildlife.
  • Equipment & Building Systems

  • Automatically adjusted and/or programmable, energy- and fuel-efficient equipment, devices, lighting, HVAC-R, etc.
  • Water efficient fixtures for replacements and construction.
  • Sustainable building and interior materials in addition to those with recycled content, such as regionally sourced, rapidly renewable resource, and/or non-toxic flooring, trims, walls, etc. Includes zero- or low-VOC paints, finishes, adhesives and sealants.
  • Zero ozone-depleting substances (CFC’s etc.) in HVAC-R, including for vehicles.
  • The most fuel-efficient vehicles (by class according to the DOE website) are purchased, with preference for hybrids and other high efficiency vehicles in high-use applications.