Transportation at Yellowstone National Park

  • Reduced transportation fuel usage from 2010 to 2011 by 3.4%
  • Replaced two-stroke engines with cleaner-burning and more efficient four-stroke engines on all rental boats.
  • Leases 50 new four-stroke snowmobiles that are 65% more fuel-efficient, result in reduced hydrocarbon emissions and are much quieter than two-stroke engines.
  • Operates 2 Prius cars with high mpg.
  • To encourage fuel conservation, Xanterra introduced an employee business shuttle during the summer of 2008 with stops to Canyon, Roosevelt, and Lake, an electronic ridesharing bulletin board, and implemented an employee carpooling policy that requires staff to obtain supervisory approval before traveling solo in a company vehicle.
  • To assist with conserving fuel and transportation management, employees now complete a mileage log for all trips in company vehicles.
  • Purchases new vehicles at the most fuel-efficient in their category according to the DOE website. Retires older vehicles with poor mpg during annual fleet purchase.
  • Using five electric eneloop bikes—a pedal assisted, synergetic hybrid model—donated by Sanyo on locations to help reduce vehicle use.