Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help plan your trip to Yellowstone National Park. If your questions are not answered here, please feel free to call us at 307-344-7311 for additional assistance.

What are the nearest major cities/airports?

There are four cities/airports near Yellowstone National Park. Logan International Airport in Billings, MT is approximately 3 hours/180 miles from the North Entrance of the park. Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport in Bozeman, MT is approximately 1.5 hours/85 miles from North Entrance of the park.

Located at the base of the Teton Mountains is the Jackson Hole Airport, Jackson, WY, which is approximately 1 hour/50 miles from the South Entrance of the Park. Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody, WY is approximately 1 hour/55 miles from the East Entrance of the park. West Yellowstone Airport in West Yellowstone, MT offers seasonal air service and is approximately seven miles from the West Entrance of the park.

Please view our Driving Directions for additional information.

What address do I use with map software for directions?

Yellowstone National Park, WY

What are the GPS coordinates for Yellowstone National Park?

  • Canyon Lodge: N 44 44.063   W 110 29.385
  • Grant Village: N 44 23.385   W 110 33.328
  • Lake Lodge: N 44 33.300   W 110 23.729
  • Lake Yellowstone Hotel: N 44 33.005   W 110 24.084
  • Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel: N 44 58.572   W 110 42.098
  • Old Faithful Inn: N 44 27.605   W 110 49.881
  • Old Faithful Lodge: N 44 27.561   W 110 49.584
  • Old Faithful Snow Lodge: N 44 27.387   W 110 49.777
  • Roosevelt Lodge: N 44 54.760   W 110 24.990

What is the address if I need to ship a package?

For standard mail:

Guest’s name
Dates of stay
c/o Name of hotel/lodge (ex: Old Faithful Inn)
PO Box 165
Yellowstone National Park WY 82190

For UPS and FedEx:

Guest’s Name
Dates of Stay
Name of hotel/lodge (ex: Old Faithful Inn)
One Grand Loop Road
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

Is Yellowstone National Park Lodges open year-round?

Yellowstone National Park is open year-round, but all roads with the exception of the North Entrance to Mammoth and Cooke City, MT, are closed to wheeled vehicles from November to May. The roads are only open during the winter season to over-snow vehicles. Lodging is available mid-May through October. Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel are available from mid-December to early March.

What should I expect the weather to be?

Yellowstone National Park is a high elevation destination and receives unpredictable alpine weather patterns and temperature ranges. In summer, lows can reach the 40’s and highs in the low 80’s. Spring and fall are the most unpredictable as weather patterns shift between summer and winter. In winter, 0ºF to 30ºF is typical. Please visit our Weather page for current weather information.

Is there cell phone service?

There is inconsistent coverage around the park.

Is there a business center?

There is one business center at the newly renovated Lake Yellowstone Hotel. Internet service is provided for a fee.

Is there an entrance fee to enter the Park?

The National Park Service currently charges $30 per private vehicle at each of the entrance gates. This fee varies when entering by foot, bicycle or motorcycle and commercial vehicle. Please visit the National Park Service for the most current fee information.

Where is the nearest location to get fuel?

There is a gas station at every location in the park. Diesel fuel is available at Grant Village, Fishing Bridge, Canyon, Mammoth and Old Faithful. 24-hour fuel access is available with a credit card at all locations. Repair service is available at Grant Village, Fishing Bridge, Canyon and Old Faithful. Propane is available at Fishing Bridge, Grant Village and Old Faithful.

How far in advance can I make lodging reservations?

While specific dates vary from year to year, generally we can take reservations one year prior to arrival.

Do you have a wait list for room reservations?

A wait list for room reservations is not available.

Since you don’t have a wait list, should I check back every day for a cancellation?

Cancellations do occur. The easiest way to check for availability is to do it online. If you see a room/campsite available, it would be best to book it online, as it may otherwise be reserved by the time you call. Needless to say, our call center stays extremely busy, especially between late March and September, so callers should be prepared for hold times of 5 minutes or more. For more information, please view our Reservations Overview page.

Why can’t I find my reservation through the site?

Currently our online reservation system will only allow cancellations to reservations booked initially online.

Can I cook in my room?

Cooking is prohibited inside all lodging facilities.

Can I have a pet in my room?

Pets are allowed in the cabin units as long as they are quiet, housebroken, and not left unattended at any time. There is a pet fee. Visit our Guest Services & Amenities for additional information on pet-friendly accommodations.

Do I need dinner reservations?

Dinner reservations are required at Grant Village, Lake Yellowstone Hotel, and Old Faithful Inn in the summer. In the winter, they are required at Snow Lodge and Mammoth Hot Springs. Preference for summer dinner reservations is given to those guests who are staying in that specific hotel. At 60 days prior to arrival, any guest can make dinner reservations at any hotel.

What should I bring with me when I come?

Yellowstone’s climate can change quickly and dramatically within a short period of time. Coming prepared for those changes will help you enjoy your trip. Visit our Plan Your Trip for a basic list of suggested things to bring for a summer or a winter.

Working in a National or State Park sounds like fun, how can I learn more about this and possibly apply for a job?

Working in a National Park can be an excellent experience for people of all ages. Visit our Career Opportunities for additional information.