Lamar Valley Wildlife Excursion

Evening Tour

The single best place to watch the wild things in Yellowstone is Lamar Valley, habitat for bears, wolves, elk, bison, pronghorn, eagles, and bighorn sheep. Most of these animals are crepuscular – most active at dawn and dusk. Dawn is tough when you’re on a well-earned vacation, but we invite you to join us for a trip to Secluded Valley any evening you’d like on the Lamar Valley Wildlife Excursion. Departing from the Lake and Canyon areas, you’ll arrive near dusk and spend an hour seeing what presents itself, before retracing your route back to your evening’s lodgings. While we can’t promise which wild animals will appear (they’re wild, so we all take our chances), we can promise your interpretive guide will have great stories to tell about the wildlife and the larger story of why they still abound here, in the most wild part of the Wild West.

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Lamar Valley Wildlife Excursion – 2017 Dates & Rates
Pick Up Location Operating Dates Days of the Week Check-In Return Time Adult Rate Child Rate (3-11)
Canyon 6/3/17 – 8/22/17 Daily 4:15pm 8:15pm $48 $24
8/23/17 – 9/9/17 Daily 3:45pm 7:45pm $48 $24
Fishing Bridge RV Park 6/3/17 – 8/22/17 Daily 3:30pm 8:45pm $76 $38
8/23/17 – 9/9/17 Daily 3:00pm 8:15pm $76 $38
Lake Hotel 6/3/17 – 8/22/17 Daily 3:15pm 9:00pm $76 $38
8/22/17 – 9/9/17 Daily 2:45pm 8:30pm $76 $38
Bridge Bay Campground 6/3/17 – 8/22/17 Daily 3:00pm 9:15pm $76 $38
8/23/17 – 9/3/17 Daily 2:30pm 8:45pm $76 $38

*Children Under 3 Free.

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