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Yellowstone Featured in National Geographic

Yellowstone Featured in National Geographic

Written by: , May 11th, 2016
Categories: News


The May 2016 issue of National Geographic is all about Yellowstone National Park. In addition to stunning photos and videos of the park, the online edition features in-depth articles about Yellowstone’s land use, tourism, wildlife restoration and management, geothermal features, and much more.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite features from the online issue to share with you.

Threatened Species are Thriving in Yellowstone. Now What?

Writer Todd Wilkinson examines the management of many threatened species in Yellowstone National Park and the importance of preserving and protecting these animals’ habitat to ensure they continue to thrive and flourish for generations.

The Mighty Microbes of Yellowstone

Written by David Quammen, with photography by Michael Nichols, this piece uncovers Yellowstone’s 10,000 hydrothermal features, including their role in microbiology to date and how that fascinating work is continuing.

A Bear’s-Eye View of Yellowstone

This fascinating feature includes an interactive journey through Yellowstone from the perspective of one of the bears that lives in the park. Video cameras were attached to the tracking collars of four bears living within the park – two grizzlies and two black bears – to discover what their daily routines consist of.

Inside Yellowstone’s Supervolcano

Discover what lies below Yellowstone National Park with this cutaway view of the underground “supervolcano”, which is at least 600 miles deep – and some scientists estimate it actually extends 1,800 miles beneath the Earth’s surface!

Great Migrations: Keeping Yellowstone’s Lifeblood Flowing

Learn about how the animals of Yellowstone help to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the park – and how overdevelopment could threaten their migration routes. Writer Todd Wilkinson digs into this delicate balance.

Follow the Elk’s Perilous Journey

Over the course of the year, the elk that live in Yellowstone National Park cover an incredible amount of land and water as part of their natural migration patterns. They also encounter many dangers along the way. This feature explores the path of the elk and some of the challenges that are part of their journey.

In addition to the online magazine, the special Yellowstone print edition of National Geographic is available on newsstands now.