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Yellowstone Through The Employee Lens

Yellowstone Through The Employee Lens

Written by: , August 19th, 2022
Categories: People

Employee Photographers

Across its 2.2 million acres, Yellowstone has no shortage of subjects to photograph. Whether it’s canyons, geysers, lakes, waterfalls, or wildlife anyone with a camera has endless opportunities to capture its wonders. For employees, those opportunities pop up all season long. We caught up with some of the most prolific shutterbugs on staff to get to know the people behind the camera.


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A post shared by Isaac Gibbs (@an.advanture)

Hailing from Hickory, North Carolina, Isaac is working as a Campground Attendant in Canyon Village for his first season in Yellowstone. He is an outdoor enthusiast and avid hiker and always wished he could capture what he sees while out adventuring.  At the end of 2020 he purchased a used Nikon and started clicking. Although new to the hobby, Isaac has already learned the importance of patience. “One of my early days of shooting a sunset I thought it was done so I started heading back and a few minutes later the sky lit up a beautiful red-orange, but I was already in the trees and couldn’t get a shot! If only I had been more patient…”

Instagram @an.advanture

Richard from Virginia Beach works as an IT Technician in the park. He came to Yellowstone in 2021 looking for a lifestyle change after experiencing burnout in his previous job. “I like to say that climbing mountains used to be a metaphor for obstacles in the way, but now it’s just an average weekend.” Prior to working in the park Richard didn’t have a background in photography. “I’m from a city which never really inspired me.” Now his favorite thing to photograph is wildflowers while out hiking.

Instagram @richard_the_m

Kaitlin was ready for a change of scenery from the corn fields of Ohio, so she came out to Yellowstone in April to work her first season as a Housekeeping Inspector. Her prior experience was in photographing people. Now she is getting more experience with wildlife and landscape and loves capturing mountains, sunsets, and bison. For budding photographers, Kaitlin advises: “it’s not always about having the nicest and newest camera and lens. Having an eye for photography is key. See the beauty in little things and turn the “ordinary” shots into something creative and outstanding to others.”

Instagram @kaitlinalsipphotography

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A post shared by Marcella Kingmam (@marcellapics)

Marcella is a college student from North Carolina who spent this summer working as a room attendant at the Old Faithful Inn. Like Kaitlin, Marcella had previously focused on photographing people but found herself branching out this summer and photographing wildlife. “Yellowstone has inspired me by introducing me to scenery and animals I’ve never seen before. This motivates me to represent and share as much as I can during my time here.”

Instagram @marcellapics or @msksky


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A post shared by Nick Harbut (@microphonick)

Nick came to Yellowstone from California for the nature and the experience of exploring geysers and wildlife. He works as a Retail Sales Associate Lead at the Old Faithful Inn Gift Shop. His interest in photography has been a hobby for six years and started with shooting family events and special occasions. While living in Yellowstone, “it naturally evolved to nature and different landscapes as well as wildlife, where it’s been my passion ever since.”

Instagram @microphonick


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A post shared by Rob R (@robrphotography)

Rob from Michigan first came to Yellowstone for a fun summer adventure while finishing school. This summer will be his 6th in the park! Contrary to our other photogs, Rob had no interest in photography before coming to Yellowstone. “It was this place, and its beauty that sparked my interest in photography. In fact, it wasn’t until my third season that I purchased a camera.” Wolves are one of his favorite subjects to photograph. One of the best tips Rob received and tries to pass on to others is “you can’t capture everything. In a landscape photo, especially here in Yellowstone, you just can’t capture the vastness and the immensity of the land. So zoom in, look at something that captures the eye and looks interesting. It will end up being a much better photo.”

Instagram @robrphotography


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A post shared by Brian Burrus (@lefty_renegade)

Wolves are also a favorite subject of Brian. While he calls California home, he has spent the past five summers working in Yellowstone as the Assistant Campground Gift Shop Manager at Madison. In addition to Yellowstone, he has also worked at Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Death Valley, and Grand Canyon. Like others, he did photography for weddings and family portraits but now says “Yellowstone has inspired me with its stunning landscape, amazing wildlife, and geysers.”

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Instagram @lefty_renegade


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A post shared by αмιє🌸 (@amief75)

Hailing from Houston, Amie is currently a Senior Guest Service agent at Lake Lodge. She loves photographing landscapes (especially clouds, sunrise/sunset, and water) around the Lake. Similar to Rob, Amie was not into photography before coming to Yellowstone. What fueled her interest now is“being surrounded by the constant, yet always changing beauty of nature.” Even after working in the park for four summers, Amie is still seeing new things or the same things from a different perspective.

Instagram @amief75


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A post shared by Owen Adams (@owenadamsphotography)

Owen is on his second season in the park and is a Front Office Manager at Canyon Lodge. Originally from Alabama, he says what drew him out west was the beauty of Yellowstone “but the people that work here is what brought me back for a second season.” While he had owned a camera, he didn’t really start getting into photography until a couple years ago. Owen loves landscape and night photography while his favorite place to photograph is the Canyon (obviously).

Instagram @owenadamsphotography

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A post shared by Pearl Spurlock (@pearl_artandphoto)

Pearl is a college student from Ohio who spent summer 2022 as a Front Desk Agent at Canyon Lodge. She is majoring in photojournalism and came to the park looking for a challenge and a way to get to know herself better. “My camera is my “in” with people and situations that I would normally be too timid to dive into.” In Yellowstone, she discovered a love for photographing thermal features and bears. Her best advice is “care about what you photograph…a lack of interest in your subjects will show in photos.”

Instagram @pearl_artandphoto


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A post shared by William Miller (@hotsaucehikes)

By summer he is a painter at Grant Village and come winter he is a winterkeeper at Old Faithful. William from Michigan came out to Yellowstone to enjoy the mountains and the wildlife and is now on his third season in the park. He has been shooting for over 10 years and shares, “Yellowstone continues to inspire me by providing opportunities to capture subjects and landscapes that I would never see in my home state of Michigan.” Bears are one of his favorite subjects.

Instagram @hotsaucehikes