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Staff Spotlight: Rob Love, Transportation

Staff Spotlight: Rob Love, Transportation

Written by: , February 20th, 2020

The diverse and exciting stories of our employees lie at the heart of our vibrant community. Many wish to remain a bit more elusive. Rob Love is no exception to either. Born in Billings, MT, Rob graduated from high school in Whitewater, MT (which boasts being the last school in MT to get a paved road to it). After high school, he worked in a variety of roles (including ranch hand) until joining the Marine Corps. Rob met his wife Laura (who we are lucky to have in HR!) while in the Marine Corps, brought a couple of kids into the world, and made their home in Michigan.

Rob with friend Eli Beckett.

In 2004, Rob heard the call of the wild and, with the economy suffering in Michigan, told his wife that if she lost her job, they were moving to Montana. She agreed and then, much to her surprise, found herself out of work. With a brother working at a ranch near Yellowstone, they had a solid plan to relocate – they would pack up the U-haul and move onto his ranch until they got settled. The stars quickly aligned when Rob found himself interviewing for his current job. He brought with him little transportation experience but a lot of people and management skills. It has been 15 years since we scored this guy on the Yellowstone team (we lost him to Glacier for a spell but thankfully were able to get him back into the fold). For Rob, the opportunity to work in Yellowstone was like coming home.

Rob answered a few questions to help us try to unravel what makes him smile and maintain his extraordinary ability to keep things light.

What keeps you up at night?

I always want to be sure everyone is safe on the road. And then, are we being fair and doing right by our people? That question is still at the top of my mind.

What does a typical day on the job look like for you?

A lot of it is supporting dispatchers who, in turn, assist the drivers, helping folks work with other departments, along with putting out fires. There are a lot of administrative functions that need to be handled – looking ahead to future seasons (new package ideas, etc…). It is all about supporting my peeps.

What or who has been a source of inspiration or motivation for you?

I feel as though I have an internal drive to do the best I can, and I’m not sure where it comes from. I have always observed the things around me that I wanted to emulate and then took what would work best for me. Paying attention to that has been really important. Family and friends have also probably influenced me over the years, but I really can’t speak to one defining moment.

Is there anything you feel passionate about?

The old golden rule comes to mind. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Keeping things light is a better way to live and not killing yourself over the stuff you can’t control.

Most proud of?

I’m incredibly proud of how my children turned out and the responsible adults they have become. You don’t know if you are doing a good job as a parent. I’m also really proud of my team. Day in and day out, they make guests’ dreams come true in Yellowstone in amazing ways.

What has kept you here?

The people. The team of folks I work with is pretty darn good!

How do you define success?

Success, to me, is everyone working towards the same goal (which is providing an exceptional guest experience). It is fantastic to have Leslie Quinn’s knowledge and the expertise of senior drivers. This job, the company, and the people mesh together to keep me moving on.

Favorite season?

Summer for sure. The longer days offer guests so many opportunities to do different things. I don’t dislike winter as a season; my job is just way more challenging in the winter. Personally, I love the fall.

A favorite area of the park?

If I worked seasonally – Roosevelt would be number one. I love the Northern Range. Lake is #2.


I’m pretty approachable. Overall I have always had an easy-going sense of humor; laughing is better than being grumpy any day of the week!

Fun fact?

While Rob didn’t have anything to share on this topic, Laura did divulge that Rob has some musical talents in the vocal arena. This skill also extends to the Weird Al genre with his ability to change lyrics at the drop of a hat. We’ll refrain from telling him to “Just Eat It”!


It’s easy to lose track of taking care of the troops and only focus on getting the job done. The Marine Corps offers critical steps to lead the troops – accomplish the mission and take care of the troops. I have tried to live by that as a manager and a person. You can’t achieve the mission if you don’t take care of your team.

Rob with grandson Rhett Alexander.

We are currently placing bets on whether or not the tears will flow when Rob’s daughter Haley gets married this summer. Stay tuned!



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