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An Encore: The Lodging Department’s Final Note

An Encore: The Lodging Department’s Final Note

Written by: , February 17th, 2021

Top to bottom: KIm Hallowell, Marsha Chase, Marilyn Foster, Matthew Lovett,

What an exciting and challenging winter for us this year…what would you expect as we close out 2020?

Our Property Management System (PMS) finally changed from LMS to Opera.  Last month you learned about the reservations side of things which also mirrored the involvement of many departments across Yellowstone and Xanterra – Campgrounds, Front Office, Housekeeping, General Accounting Office, Activities, Food and Beverage, and the rest of the Lodging crew!  For those who have been working for years in LMS (even DECADES!), this change to Opera is both daunting and doable. If nothing else, it served as a powerful reminder of what it is like to be working on a new system – an added bonus for trainers as we take this refreshed perspective into spring training!

Let’s sing the praises as there are several enhancements we’ve been really enjoying so far! The ability to have multiple windows (folios in LMS) is a great feature that allows us to move postings around between the windows to better see what is going on, and allows guests to use different forms of payment to pay varying amounts. User friendly! 

And let’s talk about AUTOMATION. We really stepped into 2021 with this one – we can now type in the zip code on a reservation and it adds the city and state for us!

The system also creates profiles for all guests (all parks) so if the guest has stayed before here in YNP or elsewhere with Xanterra it will grab their profile and auto-fill in an address, email, phone # – making it a quicker procedure for the guest and the desk/Reservations.

We have less that we have to post and more that auto-posts for us. Our fingers will get less exercise but we are okay with that.

For our Housekeeping friends, they will have more access to various reports that allow them to better see what is happening at their location.

System challenges are minimal though figuring out some remaining procedural steps will give us a run for our money. The big groups that pass through each summer, closing out guest bills, and housekeeping tasks.

We still have some procedures that are in the figuring out stage (groups info on what they booked versus what is booked, some closing out folio procedures, what access are required for the various procedures, and housekeeping task lists).  Once we get this stuff figured out we should be good to go/rocking & rolling/golden (you choose!).

Working as one big YNP family, quite a few of the puzzles were solved in the process.  Opera seems easier to learn than our beloved LMS.  With that said, there have been some “bumps in the road” as everyone is new to the system.  Working together as a team to figure it all out has been key.  Being on the same system as the other Xanterra properties will help to increase communication and working together.

We offer a big shout out to GAO, Reservations, Activities, Glacier NP, Grand Canyon South Rim, and the Corporate offices.  Don, Jennifer, Richard, and Kevin from Corporate have been working with us almost daily to help us figure out how to maneuver around the system and how to do the various procedures.

Lastly, we close with a tribute:

An Ode to LMS:

Oh LMS how we loved you so; like a cozy old sweater

So familiar our fingers would fly on the keyboard, and how we loved those F-Keys

But like with any new year it’s out with the old and in with the new

Oh Opera familiar to only a few; like a shiny new toy, we cannot wait to try

Click the mouse here, click it there; reports, reports everywhere

With so much to discover, we look forward to many great years!


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