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Giving Thanks for Shelter

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” -Gary Snyder

For visitors that return to Yellowstone repeatedly to work or play, this park is home. The rooms, and the shelters that house them, are a mix of classic, historic, modern and rustic. The iconic Old Faithful Inn was the inspiration for rustic architecture in national parks. The Lake Yellowstone Hotel remains the oldest hotel in the park, yet recent renovations celebrate the Colonial Revival influences added by architect, Robert Reamer. The new facilities at Canyon Lodge are a tribute to Mission 66, and environmental sustainability.

In Yellowstone, the word shelter takes on a whole new meaning. They become homes away from home. We thank our visitors and guests for making Yellowstone their homes for a day or two, and wish you all a warm and happy Thanksgiving Holiday.


Lake Hotel Tour

New Canyon Lodges Overview

Restoring the Mammoth Hotel


Postcard of the Lake Hotel; Frank J Haynes; No date

The Grand Lady of the Lake

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Piano at Lake Yellowstone Hotel

The Music of Yellowstone

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Canyon Moran Lodge Exterior

The Resurrection of Mission 66 at Canyon

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