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Camping Facilities for Groups

Group Camping inside Yellowstone is only available at certain locations. Depending on your group size you might be limited to one location only. The general layout of all group site locations are below. To book group campsites or RV Caravans please fill out the Camping Request Form.

  • Sites range in maximum capacity of 20-60 people.
  • Grant is the only group tent camping option with showers* on location.
  • Some larger sites are closed through June each year due to Bear Management.

*Please note showers are not included in the price of the site.

  • All sites have a maximum capacity of 25 people and 3 vehicles (no buses allowed).
  • Closest shower facilities are five miles away at Fishing Bridge RV Park.
  • Easy access to the Bridge Bay Marina for boating/fishing trips.
  • Some sites are closed through out the season to minimize soil compaction.
  • This location holds the smallest group sites in all of Yellowstone.
  • Two sites hold a maximum of 15 people and 3 vehicles.
  • The third site holds a maximum of 20 people and 3 vehicles (no buses allowed).
  • No showers on location.
  • Easy access to the Madison River for fishing.
  • This location is where all RV caravans* must be reserved.
  • All RVs must be hard sided, no tents or pop-up campers allowed.
  • Fishing Bridge is the only location with full complete hookups.

*What qualifies you as a caravan is needing ten or more sites a night.

Rules and Regulations

  • All organized groups (boy scouts, girl scouts, schools, churches etc.) must stay in group sites no matter the size of your group per National Park Service.
  •  Individual sites only allow a maximum of 6 people on each site at all times, no congregation is allowed unless you are booked into a group site.
  • All group sites are a 30-day cancellation policy, no refunds for cancellations less than 30 days prior to arrival.
  • All commercial operators are held to a 70% utilization requirement. All cancellations less than 90 days affect your overall utilization.


Contact the Leisure Groups Office for additional questions: