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Artists at Canyon Outfitters

'Inspired by Yellowstone' Artist Series at Canyon Lodge

What says inspiration better than the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone? Artist from around the world have tried to capture its majesty. The ‘Inspired by Yellowstone’ artist series at Canyon Lodge this summer features two incredibly talented photographers: Tom Murphy and Frank Ruggles.  Stop by the Canyon Outfitters Shop to learn more about them, their inspirations, and their love for Yellowstone.

My inspirations…

The strength and vitality of Yellowstone’s wild character is unique and valuable. It gives hope to everyone who experiences its beauty. The natural infinitely changing wonders captivated me as a little kid on family vacations and inspired me to move here in 1978. I am more intrigued and drawn to this place every passing year.

I hope to open people’s senses through my work and help them to recognize the beauty and value of clean healthy landscapes and dynamic wildlife stories.

I want people to experience the same sense of humility and wonder in the presence of life and vitality that I had while making my photographs. By recognizing the value of Yellowstone, I hope my photographs encourage others to tell their own stories, help inspire reverence, and encourage them to help to preserve the place.