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Artists at Old Faithful Lodge

Nature Inspired Art

It’s hard not to feel inspired in the shadow of Old Faithful erupting at the Old Faithful Lodge.  We’re proud to host talented artists Rich Holstein and Carl Sheehan this summer in our ‘Inspired by Yellowstone’ artists series at Old Faithful Lodge. Stop by the Old Faithful Lodge Gift Shop to learn more about these incredible artists, their inspirations, and their love for Yellowstone.

Montana craftsman Rich Holstein fashions wood picture frames from fir flooring circa 1904 and 1936 that was removed during recent renovations.

Potters Station Gift Shop

My inspirations…

Yellowstone has inspired me in many ways over the years, I have had the fortune to spend time in the Park during all seasons and each season has its particular beauty and character:

  • The Fall when elk and bison are rutting and you see the cycle of life starting over and the colors are highlighting the mountain side influence my glaze palette of colors.
  • The winter season with the softening of the landscape with the blanket of snow and the silence of the back country all inspire my forms.
  • The spring with its burst of greenery and the rivers flowing hard with the runoff let you know life is beginning again and then the bison calves are hopping around seemingly in celebration.
  • The summer all bursts forth, water, wildlife and mountainside with  blooming colors of flower and grasses.

Again my heart takes it all in and I am overwhelmed with images and smells and the life force that the Park brings forth and hopefully appears in my glaze work and designs.

Yellowstone is an oasis of wildness and wonder that refreshes the spirit and humbles the heart for those who take the time to experience its zeitgeist.

I think when people purchase my work I want them to have a reminder of the colors and landscape of the Park, sometimes specific images but mostly the impressions of color and grandeur of this place called Yellowstone.