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Artists at Old Faithful Inn

'Inspired by Yellowston'e Artist Series at the Old Faithful Inn

The Old Faithful Inn has been charming visitors for over a century. It’s hard not to stand in the lobby and feel a sense of awe. There is no better place to hosts the many talented artists in our ‘Inspired by Yellowstone’ series..  Stop by the Old Faithful Inn Gift Shop to learn more about these incredible artists, their inspirations, and their love for Yellowstone.


June 5-8: Artist Kathy Burke

June 11-13: Photographer Tom Murphy

June 20-24: Artist Peter Ray James

June 25-27: Photographer Tom Murphy

June 26-30: Manny Rodriguez

July 16 & 18: Author Dennis Linnehan

June 30-August 1: Yellowstone Agate Jewelry

August 23-26 Fort Omotse Creations

September 2-4: Old Faithful Inn

September 9-12: Elizabeth Watry

September 16-19: Elizabeth Watry

September 25-28: Kathy Burk

September 30: Yellowstone Agate Jewelry