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Working in Yellowstone in the Fall

Autumn brings its own special allure; a wonderful time of year, when temperatures begin to cool, the leaves change colors and a new season begins. When the summer starts to slip and fall takes hold, it’s one of the most amazing times to live and work in the world’s first national park.

Multiple jobs in Yellowstone are available in the fall and there are lots of reasons why working in the park is an incredible opportunity. For one, if you can’t commit to working for a full summer season, this shorter period of time might be more suitable and offer a sampling of the flavor of the park. Who knows, it might be enough to hook you into coming back. Photographers and fishers consider fall to be an especially appealing time to be here as well. Read on for more!

What to Expect During Fall


August and early September are time for the bison rut (or mating season). Bears will ramp up their search for food (often in rocky areas as they munch on moths) to get ready for their yearly hibernation.


Have you ever heard the bugle of the bull elk? It’s a thrilling, yet haunting experience and September is the best time to hear it. The leaves of the cottonwood and aspen trees start to turn and blanket the hillsides in gold.


Things start to wind down as the park shuts down for the season. Park visitation declines, eventually to a halt as Yellowstone transitions to winter.


Fall at a Glance

Positions Available

Interested? There are a variety of positions we are hiring for fall (mid-August-October):

  • Kitchen crew (prep, set-up, service, clean up, and restocking of food service areas)
  • Room attendant (clean and prepare guest rooms)
  • Laundry (wash, dry, fold, count, and sort sheets, towels, blankets, tablecloths, napkins and more)
  • Front of the House – Host, Server, Server Assistant (provide excellent guest service in an efficient manner)
  • Cooks (prep, set-up, service, clean up, and restocking of cooks line and appropriate prep areas)

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