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Getting Paid

While most of us like to think we get paid in sunshine and rainbows in Yellowstone (trust us, there are some pretty awesome rainbows), you do get a real paycheck for all your hardwork. Below are some details about getting paid in Yellowstone:

Direct Deposit

Employees are eligible for direct deposit to their home bank. You must provide a voided check or bank document with routing numbers and account number with the form. The process takes two pay periods (4 weeks) to take effect. Find out more and obtain a form when you get to your location.

Check Cashing

Your location Accounting Office is able to cash the following:

  • Personal checks up to $25.00 per day
  •  Xanterra payroll checks
  • Money orders/travelers checks up to $100.00

We are unable to accept:

  • Two-party checks
  • Any other checks not listed above (unemployment, etc.)

Here’s a breakdown of the deductions you might see from your paycheck:

  • Board is based on hours worked, but is not to exceed $164.24 (plus taxes) in a two- week period. That includes three meals per day. Since there are no cooking facilities, this is a mandatory deduction and there is no option to pay less for any meal that you don’t use.
  • Room is based on hours worked, but is not to exceed $45.74 in a two-week period. Room includes your room, utilities, uniforms, laundry facilities, and limited internet. There is no option to pay less for any provision that you don’t use.
  • RV Site rental (for those employees that have made arrangements to live in their own RV) is based on hours worked, but is not to exceed $135- $145 per pay period (two weeks). Most sites require separate billing for utilities and exact deductions will be provided in your employment agreement packet. Laundry facilities will be available in your village. Meals are not provided.
  • Taxes all applicable federal taxes will be withheld from paychecks based on how you complete your W-4 form. The state of Wyoming does not have an income tax so we only withhold state taxes for Montana residents and those employees working in Montana.
  • Medcor is a mandatory deduction that provides you with discounted health services in the park clinics. The deduction is based on the number of days you are checked in and does not exceed $14.98 in a two-week pay period.

First Interstate Bank of Gardiner (406.848.7474)

First Interstate Bank in Gardiner offers FREE checking for YNP employees. There is no account minimum! Deposit $100.00 to open the account then have access to your paycheck money using ATMs located throughout the park.

Yellowstone Federal Credit Union (307.344.7974)

Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union is a non-profit organization owned and operated by and for its members. The credit union offers financial services for employees and residents of Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, MT and the surrounding area. Location: Canteen Building, Room B, Mammoth Hot Springs.