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Yellowstone offers many great options for adventure! You might choose a day hike, camping, or traveling the park to find great photo and wildlife viewing opportunities.   Local gateway towns have dining, shopping, museums and other attractions.

Don’t have a car? A lot of staff do and hopefully, you will connect with a co-worker or dorm mate with shared Yellowstone goals to coordinate days off and get out and explore. Returning staff are a great resource to learn about great places to hike, fish, photograph, and view wildlife. Ask around, talk to a ranger, or look to your Insider’s Guide for more advice. Whatever you do, make the most of your time here!

The Yellowstone Co-op Recreation Program (YCERP) hosts a variety of programs and services to help Yellowstone employees meet each other and enjoy the best of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Learn more about how you can make the most of your park experience.

YCERP will have reduced operations for Summer 2020. Please visit their website for more details.

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Outdoor Recreation

Yellowstone boasts 2.2 million acres of high mountain country dedicated for the “enjoyment and benefit of the people.”

Get Outside
Three boys playing soccer.


Yellowstone hosts a broad selection of athletic events. Pickup games, tournaments, and league sports cover Activity Calendars throughout the year.

Play Ball
Yellowstone Commute

Trip, Tours, and Cultural Events

Yellowstone, its gateway communities, and nearby Grand Teton National Park offer a tremendous array of activities and events.

Gateway Getaway
Wildlife photography at Yellowstone


What are the differences between grizzly and black bears? How many wolves live in Yellowstone? Learn the answers to these questions and much more at employee only seminars.

Teach Me


Surrounded by forests and rivers, miles from towns and theaters and television, you might think Yellowstone is lacking for entertainment, but you’d be wrong!

It's Showtime


If you play it back home the chances are we play it in Yellowstone. Bingo, board games, card games, pickleball, ping pong, and more are hosted in employee facilities.

Game On

Camping and Backpacking Rentals

Experience Yellowstone from the quiet of a backcountry campsite with the help of affordable backpacking rentals.

Pitch a Tent
Hikers crossing bridge in front of Trout lake

100 Mile Hiking Club

Do you have what it takes to hike 100 miles in a summer? Challenge yourself by joining the 100 Mile Hiking Club.

Hit the Trail