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“Life is a journey, not a destination.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

To start your Yellowstone adventure, you’ll have to determine how you want to arrive here! Below are a few of the transportation options:

Arriving By Car

Arriving to Yellowstone by car can mean a fun roadtrip and a wonderful opportunity to explore the region prior to your job starting.

If you travel through the park to get to Gardiner, you must show your job offer in order to enter the park without paying.  Note that some park roads may be closed when you arrive. Closures are particularly common through mid-May, so call ahead for road information at 307.344.2117 or visit the Yellowstone Park Roads page.

Once you arrive in Yellowstone, you’ll want to check-in at our human resources office (12A Robert Reamer Ave, Gardiner MT 59030). Check in hours are 7am-10am (April-May) and 8am-5pm (June-March).

Arriving By Bus or Airplane

If you’d rather let someone else to the driving (or flying) hop on a plane or bus to Bozeman, MT. From there, we provide free transportation from Bozeman to Gardiner, MT on your check in day. However, our employee bus is only available on scheduled check-in days. Contact our office 48 hours in advance and let us know you need transportation on your start day.

Getting Around Yellowstone

Once you arrive in Yellowstone you’ll have a number of amazing adventures right outside your doorstep. There isn’t an official shuttle service in Yellowstone, but fret not, there are a number of great other options:

1. Carpool with a coworker. It’s a great way to make new friends and most employees are always happy to have more adventure buddies.

2. Sign-up for a scheduled employee trip. HR and the rec department organize a number of hikes, adventures, shopping trips, and more throughout the season.