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Human Resources

Our employee housing and field HR staff are up to the challenge of hiring and managing 3,500 seasonal employees. They are responsible for ensuring our employees are living in a clean, safe environment and complying with company policy and procedure. And, most importantly, they work alongside all employees in building and maintaining a sense of community at their location.

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Why Choose a Human Resources Job in Yellowstone?

  • You have a strong sense of community. Our employees come from around the country (and around the world). Our HR team strives to create a sense of home and community for all.
  • You are flexible. Working in HR requires you to play a variety of roles and responsibilities (enforcing policies, maintaining facilities, mentoring residents, planning activities, administrative tasks, and more!)
  • You are empathetic and care for others. Part of what makes HR so special is getting to know your community on a personal level.

“Close Community Atmosphere.”

Fun Fact: Yellowstone National Park Lodges provides onsite housing in nearly 30 dorm-style employee living quarters, which house our nearly 3,500 seasonal employees each year.

“They all did an excellent job in maintaining a wonderful work environment!”

Yellowstone Jobs: Find Your Role

The Field HR & Housing Department in Yellowstone is the great team that builds and supports our in-park community. From providing and maintaining comfortable housing, assisting with policy and procedure questions, to making sure someone is always there to help, the HR & Housing staff works behind the scenes to help each employee have a great season both at work and at home.

Interested? We hire HR Managers & Assistant Managers, Housing Managers & Assistant Managers, Recruiters, HR Staff Assistants, Residence Coordinators, and Dorm Custodians.

Human Resources Manager

Field HR Managers at each village oversee the daily management of the domestic and work-related life that our employees live day to day.

Housing Management

Housing Managers at each village work daily to ensure dorms are clean, support the housing needs of all residents, and ensure that our positive community environment is maintained.

Human Resources Recruiter

Recruiters are responsible for receiving applications, interviewing candidates and making offers. Our recruiters are often the very first person our new employees will talk with about working in Yellowstone.

Human Resources Staff Assistant

The Human Resources Staff Assistants are responsible for providing administrative support and performing a variety of technical Human Resources functions. The staff assistants play an integral role in ensuring that the check-in process for every employee runs as smoothly as possible.

Residence Coordinator

Establish a positive, professional working relationship with all residents and strive to create and maintain a sense of ownership and community within the dorm they supervise.

Dorm Custodian

A positive community starts with a clean dorm and this position works daily to ensure our housing facilities are cared for and cleanliness standards are maintained.

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Meet Victoria Nix

Victoria is a Housing Manager in Mammoth Hot Springs. In 2019, she started out as a Residence Coordinator, then was promoted to Assistant Housing Manager, and then became the Housing Manager. “I’m thrilled with the opportunities I’ve been given to grow and be challenged.” Her best advice for someone considering a Yellowstone job is “whether it’s in work, making friends, or learning a new skill set, don’t be afraid to say yes and just try new things! It will  open up so many opportunities to learn something you never would have before.” In her free time, Victoria enjoys hiking, camping, making jewelry, reading, and baking.

Meet Heather Amelotte

In the summer, Heather is the Assistant Human Resources Manager at Old Faithful. Over the winter, she works out of the HR office in Gardiner, MT as a Staff Assistant. Adventure and a desire to live an unconventional life brought her out to Yellowstone. Her best advice for someone considering a Yellowstone job is “Be open-minded. Keep your expectations for the job and the living in check and you’ll be happy…you will come here for the park but the community will be the best part you didn’t see coming.” In her free time, Heather enjoys hiking, camping, and whitewater rafting.


Living and working in a National Park is not for everyone but for those who seek a simpler way of life, Yellowstone can be the perfect landing spot. Learn more about the dorms, cafeterias, recreation opportunities, and more.