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From boiling hot springs to thousands of wild animals, the hazards in Yellowstone are typically new and different to people. The Security department helps to protect both our guests as well as our team members. They patrol buildings and grounds to observe and identify potential security and safety risks or undesirable conditions such as fires, theft and vandalism.

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Why Choose a Security Job in Yellowstone?

  • You like to be on the move. Our guards patrol both by foot and vehicle to cover their assigned territories.
  • You are adaptable and cool under pressure. Throughout the day, you may respond to a variety of issues that range from minor events to major emergencies.
  • You like to help. In the course of your patrols, you will frequently respond to requests from guests, employees, and department managers to provide information and/or assistance.
  • You take pride in your people skills: maturity, a professional demeanor, good judgment, diplomacy, and objectivity. When managing employee or guest complaints, these skills are essential.

“The Security Lead  was a pleasure to work for and with.”

Fun Fact: Regardless of the shift being worked, our guards keep busy, and while they have assigned
tasks to perform each day, they must also be ready to respond to the many unanticipated tasks that can arise at any time.

“A very organized routine created an excellent work environment.”

Yellowstone Jobs: Essential Skills & Knowledge

If you are a self-starter who enjoys working on your own, security may be a good fit for you. Day and night shifts are available across all nine of our locations.

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Meet Kristen Pruett

Kristen is a Security Guard in Mammoth. She is originally from New Jersey and came to Yellowstone after graduating from college. She wanted to do something fun and adventurous before starting her career. Kristen’s favorite part of being in the Park is the activities put on by the Recreation Center. In fact, she met her best friend on a full moon hike the Recreation Center planned!


Living and working in a National Park is not for everyone but for those who seek a simpler way of life, Yellowstone can be the perfect landing spot. Learn more about the dorms, cafeterias, recreation opportunities, and more.