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Part Time Helping Hands Fall Jobs

Imagine how great it would be to experience (live and work) Fall in Yellowstone National Park. You can make it a reality as we are offering part-time jobs that let you split your time in Yellowstone between working and exploring by offering a “Helping Hand.” Our Helping Hands program provides you the opportunity to work part-time and assist us in closing out our summer season strong. If you’re looking for variety, this is perfect, as each day may bring a different job.

Helping Hands is even better when you bring a buddy. If you have a spouse, partner, or friend to join you, you can work the 20 hours (or more if you’d like) and then enjoy Yellowstone together for the rest of the week.

The Details:

  • Position Type
    • Part-time (minimum of 20 hours/week). If you want to work more, you are certainly welcome to.
  • Dates
    • Available to work from September 4 through October 17 (subject to change based on business needs)
  • Job
    • Your job will be whatever is needed for the day.  You could be a campground worker, laundry worker, housekeeper, dishwasher, busser, host or whatever is needed. Training will occur for each position.   Each day it may be something different, so flexibility is key.
  • Wage
    • $9.50/hr

Your Perks Include:

  • Living, working, and exploring in the world’s first National Park
  • Free access to the park for the time you’re actively employed
  • Experiencing Yellowstone’s transition into fall (fewer people, more animals)
  • Low-cost housing (dormitory style) and meals (cafeteria style) provided. We do have a limited number of RV spaces available.
  • Wi-Fi (limited bandwidth) provided
  • Free Employee Recreation Program (hiking, photography, camping, wildlife watching, and more!)
  • Discounts in and around Yellowstone

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Volunteer Opportunities:

If you are looking to give back in your off time, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in Yellowstone. Check out our partners for more information.

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