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Perks of Working in Yellowstone

When you are applying for a job with Yellowstone National Park Lodges, make sure you consider ALL aspects of your employee experience (living, working, and exploring). There are many factors that affect what you earn and what you save. A seasonal job in Yellowstone is a unique lifestyle. Your room and board are provided for a low-cost and many of the typical day-to-day costs you have back home may disappear. With careful planning, employees who have a savings goal in mind can save up to $2,500 in a single season!

Review the tables below to find out all the perks Yellowstone has to offer you and how that compares to other employers.

PerksAmount Earned or Amount SavedWhat We OfferCompared to Other Employers
WagesBecause of low living costs, it's possible to save up to $2,500 a season!✓ - Hourly non-tipped positions start at $11.00/hour and go up from there depending on the position and your experience level. Other employers may start their hourly jobs at the national minimum wage ($7.25 per hour**).
Overtime PayTime and a half is paid above 40 hours. ✓ - Opportunities for additional overtime pay are possible, particularly in spring and fall.Other employers may not offer opportunities for overtime.
Bonus OpportunitiesUp to $250 possible.✓ - We have awards programs for safety and sustainability that each have an annual drawing where you can win $250. We value our employees ideas and show it!
Low-Cost Housing in YellowstoneCosts: $45.74 (maximum) per two-week pay period. ✓ - We are one of the few employers with housing actually inside the park! Not only that, the cost includes your room, utilities, uniforms, laundry facilities, and limited internet. Other employers don't typically offer housing inside the park. Outside the park, employers may not even provide housing, leaving it up to you.
Low-Cost MealsCosts $164.00 (maximum) per two-week pay period. ✓ - Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. That means you'll never have to cook or do dishes! Not all seasonal employers offer meals, let alone three meals a day.
Low Cost Medical Services Costs $16 in a two- week period. Co-pays are limited to $15.00 for initial visit compared to an average co-pay of $25**.Medcor operates three urgent care clinics within Yellowstone park. The clinics are staffed by experienced Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and RNs. Employees get services at a discounted rate. It is rare for employers (particularly seasonal employers) to offer medical services on location.
No Wyoming State TaxesNo Wyoming state tax means up to $14 more in your paycheck.✓ - Most all of our positions are based in Wyoming which has no state tax.If you live in a gateway town like West Yellowstone or Gardiner, you'll pay Montana state taxes.
Free Recreation ProgramNormally costs over $400/year for dues to a local recreation center**!✓ - The Employee Recreation Program in Yellowstone offers a variety of free and low-cost services and programs. Hiking, educational seminars, games, movies, books, sports, trips . . . the list goes on and on!Yellowstone's recreation program is the largest and most diverse employee recreation program in any national park. It is only available to a small number of businesses in the park.
Free Activities and Tours in YellowstoneA horseback ride, boat tour, and a wildlife tour normally adds up to $200.✓ - Any of our employees can hop on a tour or activity for free (based on availability)! This includes horseback riding, boat tours, wildlife tours, etc. Other employers aren't able to provide free activities inside the park. Since we are the primary concessionaire in Yellowstone, we can!
DiscountsUp to 20% savings with some businesses even offering freebies to employees!✓ - Not only do you get a discount with us in Yellowstone, but we also work with a number of local businesses in gateway towns for discounts on attractions, activities, food, and shopping!Due to the size of our operation, we're able to get exclusive discounts for our employees!

While there are many perks of working in Yellowstone that we can put a price tag on, some of the perks we offer are priceless.

Priceless PerksWhat We OfferCompared to Other Employers
Community of Co-workers and New Friends ✓ - Joining our team means joining a community where you'll meet people from around the world. A lot of lifelong friendships form and some people even meet their life partners here! Other empoyers may hire from around the US but Yellowstone's J-1 Program brings together people from across the globe.
Great Wildlife Viewing✓ - Bear, bison, elk, deer, moose, pronghorn, and more! There are very few places that offer the wildlife watching that Yellowstone does.Yellowstone has the bragging rights as the home to the largest concentration of mammals in the lower 48 states.
Exclusive Hiking Access✓ - With over 900 miles of trails in the park, you'll have exclusive access to some of the best hiking in Yellowstone!Our recreation program offers a 100 Mile Hiking Club that encourages you to get out and explore.
Geyser Gazing✓ - Yellowstone is the world's most concentrated area for thermal features. Where else will you have a backyard filled with thousands of hot springs, geysers, mud pots, fumaroles, and more! Other employers aren't able to offer you a view of Old Faithful during your commute.
Spectacular Scenery✓ - Although you can't get paid in sunsets, we have to say the scenery in Yellowstone will definitely knock your socks off. Whether you relax by Yellowstone Lake to watch a sunset, admire a rainbow over Mammoth Hot Springs, or view a misty morning in the forest you won't be disappointed. There's a reason this scenery was set aside as the World's First National Park. No other employer can claim that distinction!
Off-Season Travel Opportunities✓ - Living a seasonal lifestyle means working only part of the year. When you're done with your season the sky is the limit on opportunities to travel!Other employers, particularly year-round jobs, typically only offer a limited amount of vacation time.
Career Growth Opportunities✓ - We are the primary concessionaire in Yellowstone, and a part of the Xanterra Travel Collection family. Xanterra is the largest park management company in the nation. You'll have a variety of opportunities to grow, travel, and work with us in Yellowstone and beyond. Other smaller employers have a smaller operation and fewer opportunities to grow. The Xanterra name is synonymous with Legendary Hospitality.

*Information provided on this site is for illustrative purposes only and provides only estimates. Actual paycheck might be more or less depending on position, hours, etc. The use of this is for informational purposes only and your costs and expenses could be more or less. 


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