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The Community

One of the biggest perks of working in Yellowstone is the amazing community that develops living and eating alongside people from all over the world.

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and cultures but have several things in common. First and foremost, they have a solid work ethic and positive attitude. They are open to new experiences, have a passion for the outdoors and the environment, and take pride in being ambassadors of our national and state treasures.



In Yellowstone, there are several options regarding employee housing, but the most common option is a dorm. Dorm life can be a great opportunity for bonding with employees from all over the world and creating friendships that last a lifetime.

Employees are provided housing for a low-cost (cost is based on hours worked, not to exceed $44.88 in two week period) in dorm-style rooms with two single beds (can be bunked or unbunked) and a dresser. Linens are provided if you don’t wish to bring your own. Each housing option varies across locations, some are new, others are historic.


What could be better than not having to cook your own meals? One of the perks of working in Yellowstone is you’ll have breakfast, lunch, and dinner made for you.

The Employee Dining Rooms (EDRs) are cafeteria-style dining rooms, which provide three nutritious and delicious meals per day (including beverage refills, second helpings, and snacks) at a low-cost to most employees (cost is based on hours worked, not to exceed $161.67 in a two week pay period).

A menu cycle has been established to provide a wide variety of well-balanced meals, including vegetarian options and a full salad bar. We are certain you will find wholesome foods to satisfy your taste buds!

Your Backyard

We operate 9 lodges, 5 campgrounds, and 15 dining options all located inside Yellowstone National Park. Explore some of the locations where you could work.

Behind the Scenes

Check out what it’s like to live in Yellowstone by following #YellowstoneJobs.