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Live and Play Here

Live and Play Here

Where We Live

Yellowstone National Park is made up of 2.2 million acres of designated wilderness area, where wildlife roam free and the mountains cut profiles into the clear, clean skies.
We live in seven unique locations, scattered around 152 miles of the Grand Loop Road. Each location has at least one hotel or lodge, restaurant(s) and gift shop. Almost every location has interpretive tours that go into the park by bus, vintage touring car or van.

Most locations have a general store, post office, Ranger station, NPS Visitor Center and gas station in the surrounding area.


Each location has similar living arrangements, with employee housing on site. Almost all housing is dormitory-style, with community bathrooms for most residents. Dorm rooms house two to three people and include beds, wardrobes/closets, a chair and a desk in each room.

There is a limited amount of housing available for couples. Be sure to include your significant other/spouse’s name on your application if you are applying with them.

Dormitory buildings do not have any cooking facilities or phone connections.

Employees must be 18 years of age or older in order to live in company housing. Family housing is not available. All residents must be actively employed by Xanterra. Pets, candles and/or smoking are not permitted in company housing.

The cost of housing is based on actual hours worked. Employees are charged a payroll deduction that is not to exceed $44.88 in a two-week period. This housing deduction includes the use of the laundry room and all utilities. There is no security deposit required.

A limited number of RV sites are available for those employees who wish to live in their own RV. The cost varies by location but will not exceed $135.53 (plus utilities) in a two week pay period.


Food is available in the Employee Dining Room (EDR), usually located inside, or very near, the restaurant building on location. The EDR serves cafeteria-style meals that include a hot entrée and side dishes, sandwich fixings, salads, fruits, cereals and beverages. Vegetarian options are available at each meal. The chef and EDR crew work hard to offer a variety but, unfortunately, are unable to create meals based on all dietary needs such as vegan or allergy-related restrictions.

The cost of board is based on actual hours worked per pay period. Employees are charged a payroll deduction that is not to exceed $161.17 (plus taxes) in a two-week period. This board deduction covers three meals per day. There are no cooking facilities in the dormitories, so this is a mandatory deduction.

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