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2019 Managers of the Season

At Xanterra, we are a welcoming community who work hard, share a passion for the environment and enjoy creating memorable experiences for our guests in some of the most beautiful places on earth. We also like to gush over our amazing staff! This summer, nine individuals were given the high honor of being voted “Manager of the Season” at their respective locations. Please take a moment to read the kind words their colleagues shared about these awesome folks who did a tremendous job leading their teams through another busy season in Yellowstone National Park.


Annie Richards
Old Faithful Lodge Cafeteria

Annie has been the rock of the Old Faithful Lodge Cafeteria the entire season. With her positivity, knowledge, and extremely hard work ethic, she leads the entire cafe crew towards success. When Annie is asked to do something, she begins immediately and meets deadlines with flying colors. Annie stays extra to help cover holes and goes above and beyond to ensure the success of the entire operation. She is eager to learn and master her skills as well as inspiring others along the way with her hunger for success. Annie is always coming up with new and innovative ways of operating and shares that passion with others. Annie, you are the rock of the cafeteria, and we all cannot thank you enough!

Wesley Rinehart
Lake Hotel Food and Beverage

For those that have had the great opportunity to work with Wes in his several seasons here at Lake Hotel, it will come as no surprise that he was nominated for this honor. Wes has been an exceptional member of the Xanterra Yellowstone family here starting back with his first position as an Old Faithful linen truck driver in 2014 and then joined the Lake Hotel team as a dining room server in 2016.  Since that time, he has been an amazing asset to Lake Hotel F&B and it has been particularly rewarding to watch him grow in his leadership and success these past summers.




Justin Davis
Lake Lodge Food and Beverage

Justin’s dedication to his team and the operation has been noted on several occasions: whether coming in on his day off to help when needed or at 2 am when the freezers go down, his positive attitude and ability to make the best of situations has benefited those he works with, including other departments like maintenance. Justin’s outstanding leadership, commitment to patiently mentoring his team, and his unfailingly positive attitude are all observed on a daily basis!





Peter Gentes
Canyon Lodge Maintenance

From being available for maintenance issues at all times of the night (regardless of on-call status) to bringing in leftovers from his famous cookouts to departments still working late into the night, Pete embodies the community spirit here in Canyon. His upbeat can-do attitude is contagious and he has the work ethic to back it up. Canyon Village is truly blessed to have employees like Pete Gentes.






Michael Janzen
Old Faithful Snow Lodge Food and Beverage

Michael has been exemplary in taking care of our restaurant guests as well as our EDR guests.  His positive attitude and willingness to teach and coach others have spilled over into the attitudes of those who work for him. Michael has displayed excellence in his department, has been invaluable to the EDR team, and does it all with a smile.






Tyana Akana
Mammoth Hot Springs Human Resources

Tyana Akana is a true asset to the HR department and to the Mammoth management team.  Her contribution to the overall success of the operation is unparalleled.  Tyana has been the “face” of HR consistently throughout the season.  Her professionalism and dedication show through in everything she does.  Tyana consistently follows-through to ensure her internal customers understand Xanterra’s HR policies.  She is quick to respond to requests for additional information and is thorough in ensuring all loose ends are completed.  Tyana has many excellent qualities. Top on the list is how well she relates to employees and managers.  She is received as being genuine, trustworthy and caring.  Last but not least, despite the overwhelming amount of work that everyone has to do, Tyana consistently finds ways to help her internal customers and does so positively.

Glen Warren
Old Faithful Inn Food and Beverage

Glenn is always a positive and fantastic EDR Manager at the Old Faithful Inn. When Glenn isn’t busy working with his crew to serve amazing food to all of the employees who are lucky to eat in the Grand Prismatic dining room, he can be seen (and heard) leading songs and chants to keep morale up in our beautiful historic hotel –  a true maestro!





Allison Smith
Roosevelt Lodge Corrals

Having unwavering trust in a first-year manager is a rarity and Allison has earned it. She has had numerous small catastrophes land on her plate including medical emergencies, HR issues, equipment failures, and belligerent guests. In each of these situations, she has risen to the occasion armed with a calm demeanor and her skillful leadership. We have yet to see a fire she cannot put out. Her background and training in hospitality have left their mark on our staff. All of the guests who have had the pleasure of taking part in the corrals activities leave feeling like they have received Legendary Hospitality. There is not a single employee of the corrals department who does not have the utmost respect and admiration for Allison’s consistent management.

Rachel Schleuter
Grant Village Food and Beverage

Rachel has demonstrated an enthusiastic and positive attitude consistently throughout the season no matter what was thrown her way.  She was always willing to help other departments and go above and beyond to provide food for community events. As a leader for her department, Rachel put forth big efforts into actively coaching and developing her skills along with her team. Rachel displayed genuine caring and concern for all of her employees. Grant Village is extremely grateful to have Rachel at the helm of the F&B ship!