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“There is no wifi in the forest, but we promise you’ll find a better connection.”

We invite you to disconnect while you’re in Yellowstone, but for the times where you want to keep in contact with family or post the occasional photo on Instagram, here’s some info on the communication services in the park:

Cell Service

Cellular phone service is being provided in the park by AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Because of the mountainous terrain throughout the Yellowstone area, coverage ranges vary greatly. There are cellular towers located within the park at Canyon, Mammoth, Grant and Old Faithful and Lake. Reception varies based on your provider and the service plan you choose. Yellowstone Cellular Coverage Map


Wi-Fi access is available to employees at the majority of dorms in the park. You may find the service is much slower than what you are used to (we like to joke that while our Firefox might not be that fast, real Yellowstone foxes are wicked fast). Bandwidth is very limited in the park due to our remoteness and current infrastructure. Streaming and downloading is discouraged and often times impossible during peak usage. So while it might be a challenge to binge watch your favorite TV show, you can binge watch Yellowstone’s wildlife and beautiful scenery 24/7.

We offer a few “bandwidth hacks” to help you adjust to the digital realities of Yellowstone. Read the “Staying Connected” page below.


You can get mail delivered to your location post office. You have the option of using the General Delivery address below or renting a PO Box once you arrive on location. Do not use the General Delivery address for packages being delivered by UPS or Fed-Ex. Use the specific UPS and Fed-Ex address below.

General Delivery Addresses by location

(Your Name)

   Mammoth: General Delivery– Mammoth Hot Springs

   Grant Village: General Delivery– Grant Village

   Old Faithful: General Delivery– Old Faithful

   Lake Village: General Delivery– Lake Village

   Canyon Village: General Delivery– Canyon Village

   Roosevelt: General Delivery– Roosevelt Lodge

Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

Package delivery from UPS and Fed-Ex

(Your Name)

YNP Lodges –  (Your Location) HR/Housing Office

Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

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