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Old Faithful Inn Gift Store

Old Faithful Inn Gift Store

2016 Dates

Opens: May 6, 2016
Closes: October 9, 2016


The Old Faithful Inn Gift Shop transports you back in time, featuring a wide selection of memorable gifts, from fun keepsakes to fine apparel. The acclaimed Inn Gallery is devoted to regional carvings and bronzes, Native American jewelry, drums, headdresses, fetishes and more. An artist-in-residence displays just outside the shop, and regularly scheduled writers and artists appear through our daily series, Yellowstone Stage.

Key Items Offered

The acclaimed Inn Gallery is devoted to regional carvings and bronzes, as well as exquisite Native American jewelry, drums, fetishes, carvings and an outstanding array of artifacts. Visit with our Artist-In-Residence and also see who’s participating in Yellowstone Stage, a daily series of visiting regional authors and artists. In addition to the regional artwork, visitors can find the following items.

  • Ornaments
  • T-shirts and Hoodies
  • Hats, Caps and Visors
  • Jewelry
  • Plush Animals and Toys
  • DVD/Videos
  • Postcard, Pens and Posters
  • Guidebooks, Literature and Maps
  • Fleece Blankets
  • Coffee Mugs
  • USA made Pottery
  • Gourmet Gourmet Food Items
  • Regional Huckleberry skin and bath products
  • Scrap-booking Supplies
  • Miscellaneous Souvenirs
  • Native American Crafts and Artwork
  • Native American Jewelry