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Our Winter 2020/21 operations have been modified in order to address current health and safety guidelines. Please click here for more information.

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Yellowstone Jobs Summer 2020

This page was updated August 3, 2020 and will be updated as necessary going forward. This information is subject to change – check back regularly for the most up to date info.

Working in Yellowstone Summer 2020 - What You Need to Know

Click here for more details on Summer 2020 operations. We are working closely with local National Park Service staff to ensure our facilities provide a safe and healthy experience for visitors and our employees.

Please click on the tabs below to get an overview of CURRENT protocols for Summer 2020:


Social Distancing and Prevention Hygiene

  • We are taking all reasonable efforts for social distancing. However, we are not able to always assure an environment where that is possible at all times.
  • Team members are encouraged to help maintain social distancing efforts when they are able to, and are expected to observe community safety standards including, but not limited to: refraining from large gatherings, and any gatherings in common areas/dorm rooms; hiking only on open and maintained trails; frequent hand washing and sanitizing; covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning and disinfecting your residence.

Quarantine is required if:

  • An employee has had close contact with someone who is known to have COVID-19 or who is suspected of having COVID-19.
  • An employee attended a group event, function or protest where social distancing was not possible or was not practiced (e.g., sporting event as a participant on a team or as an observer, indoor or outdoor concert, rally or parade, funeral, etc.). Exceptions must be approved by risk management PRIOR to the event
  • An employee has traveled internationally within the last two weeks. Note that states/regions /jurisdictions change domestic and international travel quarantine requirements periodically. It is up to the site to ensure they are aware of the current local requirements for compliance.  Jurisdictional Orders is a chart with links to relevant state websites.

Face Coverings

  • Effective Thursday, May 7 – face coverings will be required in the following areas:
    • Employee buses
    • HR check-in
    • Uniform room
    • Employee dining room (EDR)
    • Employee training
    • Areas as deemed necessary which are not identified here
  • Effective Tuesday, June 30 –  all visitors will be required to wear face coverings while in the indoor public areas of our facilities and in outdoor areas where proper distancing is not possible.
  • You are welcome to bring your own (CDC) approved face coverings.
    • Homemade face coverings (bandanas, buffs, etc) should not contain any offensive language or images. Human Resources and Operations personnel will help give guidance on this if there is a question.
    • Cloth face coverings should be clean for each shift. They should be doubled over and cover both nose and mouth.
  • Employees without their own (CDC) approved face coverings will be provided surgical masks as a temporary use. These will be available in HR upon the employee’s arrival. They will also be distributed via the Housing office to those already in company housing.
    • If you are in need of a face covering and do not receive a mask in either of these cases, please ask your supervisor and they will be able to obtain one. Again, these are intended to be used when you are in one of the areas listed above.
    • These masks are not intended to be re-used multiple times. They will need to be replaced as they become wet, soiled, or hard to breathe through (as per CDC guidance).
  • Please remember to reference the CDC guidance on wearing face coverings, and understand the intent for wearing them. Social Distancing and frequent hand washing are the biggest line of defense. Face coverings do not take the place of either of those important components. We must also resist the temptation to touch our face or the face covering. Thank you for helping us all do our part!

Temperature Screening

  • Effective Friday, June 12 – a daily temperature screening will be required prior to starting each work shift.

Additional Resources

Arrival Safety Standards

At Xanterra your safety is, and always will be, a top priority. That priority is more important than ever in the face of concerns posed by COVID-19. We are very excited for your arrival at Yellowstone National Park and have been working hard to make sure you are provided with safe working conditions. To that end, we would like to share some of the expectations that have been put into place to help maintain a healthy working environment for all.

  • We are asking our new hires and returning employees to complete a Health and Travel Declaration prior to departing for the park and at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival date. 
    • The Travel and Health Declaration form will be emailed to you in advance of your arrival.
  • Travel to Yellowstone National Park must be done in a safe and health-conscious manner. Please practice social distancing and prevention hygiene while you travel. Individuals considered at higher risk for severe illness as defined by the CDC should consider their risk factors before traveling to the park to work in the hospitality industry during a pandemic.
    • When requested, transportation between Bozeman to Gardiner will be provided. We will require employees to wear face coverings and we will practice social distancing of 6 feet so, we are limiting the number of employees per transportation vehicle.
    • Those traveling via our transportation will be required to pass a temperature screening prior to boarding.
  • A temperature screening will be conducted prior to check-in at Gardiner Human Resources. Face coverings are required while processing through Human Resources and the Uniform Room, while at work, and while on property in communal areas.
    • We encourage you to bring and utilize your own face covering.
    • Employees without their own (CDC) approved face coverings will be provided surgical masks as a temporary use.
  • 2020 Employee Seasonal Vehicle Stickers
    • On all check-in days, someone will be available in Human Resources to assist employees with obtaining their vehicle stickers.
    • In addition, you may contact the Visitor Services Office at 302-344-2110 to obtain your vehicle sticker.
    • The process will include the following:
      • Employees will fill out a registration card/application form and present driver’s license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance.
      • NPS / Issuing official checks application against documentation then write permit serial number on the application, and issue sticker.

For more information on arrival and check-in procedures, please reach out to Human Resources.

Training is a critical component of your experience as an employee in Yellowstone.  Our training can be described in two areas: universal training and job-specific training.  Universal training covers a wide variety of topics that are common to all departments.  Job-specific training will go into the nuts of bolts of your daily work in Yellowstone, which will include the processes and procedures that have been developed for your specific area with your safety and the safety of our guests, in mind.

  • Face coverings will be required to be worn during training.
  • Class size will be limited to what current regulations allow and participants will be spaced appropriately. Where possible, online training will be made available in an effort to reduce class sizes.

For more information on training, please reach out to your manager or the Property Trainer.


  • The National Park Service has mandated that, for the time being, company housing will be limited to one resident per room.
  • No more than 2 people may be in a dorm room at a time.
  • No guests will be allowed in employee residences.
  • Groups of 10 people or less will be allowed in public spaces if there is adequate space for 6 feet of separation between them.
  • In July some locations started using dorms with communal restrooms.  This is being done in accordance with recommendations and approval from the NPS and our public health officials.

For more information on housing, please reach out to your Residence Coordinator or HR/Housing Manager.


Employee Dining Room

On Thursday 5/7/2020, the EDR opened for seasonal employees to come and get their meals to-go.

  • Everyone must wear a face covering while picking up their food in the EDR. This includes while waiting in line, at the service counter, in the beverage area, and while exiting.
  • Social distancing must be maintained while in the EDR.
  • Until further notice, only seasonal employees living in company housing or paying for the meal plan will be allowed in the EDRs (unless their job requires it i.e., maintenance).
  • All meals will be served as take-out, until further notice.
  • All EDRs will be “closed” dining facilities (which means that the EDR is only open to employees of that location).
  • EDR Hours will be:
    1. Breakfast: 6:00am- 8:30am
    2. Lunch 11:00am- 1:30pm
    3. Dinner 4:30pm- 6:30pm

For more information on employee dining, please reach out to your Employee Dining Room Manager.

Employee Pubs

Mammoth, Canyon, Lake, and Old Faithful Pubs will be take-out only.  Hours and menus will vary by pub.

Updated Info!

Once the equipment has been delivered,  ping pong, pickleball, and cornhole will be permitted (while wearing gloves and staying 6 feet apart).  Big-screen movie nights will also be coming soon to Lake, Mammoth and Old Faithful Areas.

Rec Centers/Exercise Facilities

  • Mammoth, Old Faithful, Lake, and Canyon will be open for limited hours, Monday through Friday.
  • Currently, the gym hours are Monday: 9 am – 8 pm, Tuesday – Thursday: 6 am – 8 pm, Friday: 6 am – 5 pm.  Any change to this will be quickly communicated.
  • Fitness classes may be available at some locations.
  • No team sports or tournaments will be offered at this time.

Recreation Offices & Services

  • Mammoth, Old Faithful, Lake, and Canyon Rec Offices will be open for limited hours Monday – Friday. Hours are posted outside the location offices.
  • YNP Staff items will be available for purchase – shirts, Nalgenes, hats, stickers, etc…
  • Camping and backpacking gear will be available for rent
  • Ask about the 100 Mile Hike Club!
  • We do not know at this time whether we’ll be able to offer the photo contest this season.
  • We are offering tie-dye, movie nights, pickleball and cornhole at some locations. Check at your location recreation office for more info on these.

At this time no van trips or pub tournaments will be offered this summer season.

  • Recreation is allowed on a limited basis within your assigned location/village. Employees are allowed to exercise outside, walking or biking within the village where they live. (Don’t forget the bear spray.) Backcountry use is prohibited and open interior roads are for administrative travel only. Regardless of the activity, employees should always adhere to social distancing,  cleanliness/sanitation guidelines, and other best practices outlined by the CDC and health department.

The Recreation Department is developing a comprehensive set of policies and protocols to enhance safety for employees while they are using recreation facilities and services. For more information on employee recreation, please visit YCERPs website.


Post Office

  • The Post Office in Mammoth and Old Faithful are currently open.


  • The Medcor clinic at Mammoth is currently open.
  • The Medcor clinic at Old Faithful is currently open.
  • The Medcor clinic at Lake will be closed for the 2020 season.

  • Employees enrolled in a Xanterra medical plan have 24/7 access to the NurseLine at (800) 337-4770 and LiveHealth Online where you can visit with a doctor online. Employees enrolled in Aflac have 24/7 access to Telemedicine, where you can request a medical consultation via webcam, app or phone.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers employees and their household members free and confidential resources 24/7 to help balance work and life. EAP is available to all Xanterra employees. Call (800) 272-2727 or visit for online resources.

Yellowstone National Park Operations

  • On June 1, in line with the park’s three-phased reopening plan, visitors were able to access Phase 1 services/facilities (including restrooms, self-service gas stations, trails/boardwalks, limited stores, entrance stations, medical clinics, approved tours) and a few services/facilities as outlined in Phase 2 (including takeout food service, boating, and fishing). Limited overnight accommodations began opening later in June. Campgrounds, visitor centers, and other facilities are still closed until health conditions allow for reopening.
  • The latest information on the National Park Service operations can be found here.