Geyser Gazers

Evening Tour

The valley between Old Faithful and Madison, called the Fire Hole since the days of the beaver trappers, is the heart of the greatest geyser region on Planet Earth. On this 1½-hour tour, we’ll take you out in one of the Historic Yellow Busses to explore the features along Firehole Lake Drive and visit Midway Geyser Basin, home to Yellowstone’s largest hot spring and one of the greatest geysers of human history, Excelsior. If the wildlife are frequenting, we’ll of course stop for them too. For a fun and informative tour, come explore the Fire Hole with us!

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Geyser Gazers – 2017 Dates & Rates 
Pick Up Location Operating Dates Days of the Week Check-In Return Time Adult Rate Child Rate (3-11)
Old Faithful Inn 5/27/17 – 8/22/17 Daily 4:15pm 6:00pm $28 $14
9/10/17 – 10/7/17 Daily 4:15pm 6:00pm $28 $14

*Children Under 3 Free.

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