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When you’re vacationing in the world’s first national park every day is an adventure.
Explore the options below to plan your ultimate Yellowstone experience.

Land Adventures

Exhilarating land adventures offer a chance to have an expert guide lead you on a journey of discovery through Yellowstone's diverse ecosystems and geological wonders.

Explore by Land
Bridge Bay Marina with boats on the water

Water Adventures

Explore the pristine beauty of Yellowstone Lake by water. Join a guided boat excursion, rent a boat, or charter a private boat for guided fishing or sightseeing. Water adventures are sure to thrill adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, and anglers alike.

Explore by Water
Stagecoach traveling through the valley

Wild West Adventures

Wild West adventures offer a unique perspective, allowing riders and passengers to traverse scenic trails with breathtaking landscapes. Learn about the region's rich cowboy history and get the feel of what it was like for early explorers arriving in the west for the first time.

Explore by Horse
Snowcoach with bison on the road in winter

Winter Adventures

Exploring Yellowstone in the winter is an enchanting and unforgettable experience. Our winter adventures provide a safe and comfortable way to travel through this serene snowy wonderland.

Explore in Winter