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In-Park Shopping

In Park Shopping

Yellowstone National Park Lodges operates a collection of charming gift shops around the park with a treasure trove of keepsakes and mementos. Our shops are located in our lodges and village areas near the park’s iconic attractions. The gift shops not only offer a chance to bring a piece of this captivating wilderness home, but also contributes to the park’s conversation efforts with our sustainable items and Made in USA products.

You will also find grab ‘n go snacks, sandwiches and beverages at many of our shops for when you need a quick snack between sights.

If you visit in the summer and winter, check our Inspired by Yellowstone Artist event schedule. We host visiting local and Native American artists showcasing their art, giving you a chance to own a very special piece inspired by Yellowstone.

Old Faithful Inn Gift Shop

The Old Faithful Inn Gift Shop transports you back in time, featuring a wide selection of memorable gifts, from fun keepsakes to fine apparel. The acclaimed Inn Gallery is devoted to regional carvings and bronzes, Native American jewelry, drums, headdresses, fetishes and more. Visit with our Artist-In-Residence just outside the shop, and see which regional authors or artist is participating in our Inspired by Yellowstone series.

Old Faithful Lodge Gift Shop

After a day of geyser gazing, discover Yellowstone and its wonders through the many themed items you’ll find at the Old Faithful Lodge Gift Shop, our premier geyser basin store. This gift shop features a great selection and fun staff to help you find just the right items.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge Bear Den Gift Shop

The Bear Den Gift Shop is located in the Old Faithful Snow Lodge and offers a wonderful selection of souvenirs to make your visit to Yellowstone a memorable one. Our Yellowstone Kids “store in a store” is located here and has a large selection of youth-oriented products. In summer this is where you can find our bike rental shop.

If you are planning a visit during the winter, the Bear Den Gift Shop is your headquarters for ski or snowshoe rentals and instruction information. Ski and snowshoe rentals are arranged on arrival. Reservations for ski instruction and guide service are taken once the ski shop opens for the season.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel Gift Shop

Located right off the beautiful sun room in Lake Yellowstone Hotel, the gift shop reflects the hotel’s 1920s décor and grandeur, while still providing a wide range of items to help make your stay more enjoyable. At Lake Yellowstone Hotel, we’ve themed the store through the inspiration of Yellowstone’s waters. Not only does this store carry a fine selection of fashion apparel, accessories and souvenir apparel, but it also features a wide array of collectibles, carvings and distinctive regional products that capture the lake lifestyle. You can also find Inspired by Yellowstone artists in the lobby throughout the summer.

Lake Lodge Gift Shop

The Lake Lodge Gift Shop has been designed to be a stop for kids of all ages. Our staff created an environment with young people in mind, packed with the largest selection of kid’s items on the east side of the park. Regional gifts and great apparel can be found here too.

The rustic décor of Lake Lodge spills into the gift store area with a sense of visiting a log cabin of days gone by. This theme carries into the items available for this area of the park.

Canyon Lodge Gift Shop

After visiting the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the Canyon Lodge Gift Shop is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs that focus on wildlife, unique plush animals, and other fine gifts and apparel. This gift shop offers items related to the canyon area and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Located in the Canyon Village area near the Canyon Eatery.

Mammoth Hotel Gift Store

The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel Gift Store is a cutting-edge concept in retail stores. In keeping with our commitment to leadership in sustainable business practices, we have developed a gift shop that focuses on environmentally friendly products, interpretive messaging regarding climate change, and guest education on the sustainability initiatives in Yellowstone. The shop itself was designed with LED lighting, recycled wood fixtures, and wood flooring from sustainable forests.

In winter, the gift shop is home to the Bear Den Ski Shop where you can rent skis and snowshoes. You can also book lessons and get updated information on trail conditions. Ski and snowshoe rentals are arranged on arrival. Reservations for ski instruction and guide service are taken once the ski shop opens for the season.

Roosevelt Mercantile

Like the Roosevelt Lodge itself, Roosevelt Mercantile harnesses the spirit of the old west. Indulge your inner cowboy with fun western memorabilia and Native American crafts. The mercantile offers a nice selection of western hats, Teddy Roosevelt souvenirs, and an array of grab-n-go snacks and beverages.

Grant Village Gift Shop

Located in the registration building, the gift shop at Grant Village provides an intimate shopping experience that delivers that “personal touch” while selecting items that embody your Yellowstone visit. Grant Village is situated on the southwestern shore of Yellowstone Lake.

Madison Mercantile

For all your camping necessities we carry a selection of snacks, treats, and fixings for s’mores in our Madison Mercantile at the Madison Campground. Stop by for your convenience items, as well as souvenirs and apparel for the family.

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