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Internet and Cell Service

In-park Internet Service

While most visitors value the opportunity to “disconnect” in Yellowstone, some of our guests do appreciate the opportunity to access the internet.

The availability of in-park internet is governed by park regulations. In-park internet service is slower than typical residential, business, or workplace service.  Also, due to limited bandwidth, access to the internet is limited to one device at a time, per room. For those who desire internet access, we do offer wireless (and wired) internet service to hotel guests for free at the following approved locations. During peak times, your wifi experience may be very slow.

  • Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel
    • Guest rooms
    • Public spaces (lobby, map room)
    • Meeting rooms
    • Wi-Fi is not available in the Mammoth guest cabins, but cabin guests may access the wi-fi while in public areas of the Mammoth Hotel.
  • Canyon Lodge
    • Public spaces in the main lodge (food and gift shop building)
    • Washburn Lodge lobby and business center
    • All guest rooms in each lodge building
    • Wi-Fi is not available in the Canyon guest cabins, but cabin guests may access the wi-fi while in Washburn Lodge or the main lodge.
  • Lake Yellowstone Hotel
    • Wired ethernet service is available in the main hotel guest rooms and business center (no wireless internet available).
    • Internet (wired or wireless) is NOT available in Sandpiper Lodge or in the cabins.
    • WI-FI is NOT available at Lake Yellowstone Hotel.
  • Old Faithful Lodge
    • Public areas (Lobby & Cafeteria)
  • Old Faithful Snow Lodge
    • Guest rooms & guest cabins
    • Public areas (Lobby, Dining Room, Geyser Grill, and Conference Room)
  • Campgrounds
    • There is no internet service in our campgrounds.


Pricing for internet service

Free service for hotel guests. Available at designated hotels and lodges. See Front Desk for more info.

In-park Internet Download Speed

The available necessary infrastructure to support internet service is relatively old (1990s). In-park internet service is slower than typical residential, business, or workplace service. For example, average home service can deliver 50mbps-70mbps downloads, coffee shops average 10mbps-20mbps, and in-park service averages 1.5 mbps. This means that in Yellowstone it would take:

• One minute to download a single song
• Eight minutes to upload one cell phone photo
• Two minutes to download a YouTube clip
• One hour+ to download a TV show
• Streaming services (for TV shows and movies) will not work

We continue to look for solutions that will provide faster service while complying with park regulations and infrastructure limitations. In the meantime, we thank you for your understanding with regard to available internet download speeds.

Cell Phone Service

Cellular service is limited in Yellowstone. Cell towers at Mammoth Hot Springs, West Yellowstone, Old Faithful, Grant Village, Lake Village, and Mount Washburn provide service to most developed areas (Old Faithful, Canyon Village, Lake Village, Mammoth Hot Springs, Grant Village) and to the North and West entrances. Check with your provider to verify coverage (Verizon provides the best coverage, though AT&T is usually best at Canyon Village).

During summer the number of users can overwhelm cellular circuits resulting in an inability to send or receive calls, text, or use cellular data. Texting is usually the most effective means of communication in the park. Cellular service is available in most nearby communities and along some of the major highways leading to the park. However, areas without coverage exist throughout the region.