Winter Fun in Yellowstone

While Yellowstone’s incredible natural features don’t disappear in winter, they definitely change. Imagine the thundering Lower Falls of the Yellowstone tumbling into icy formations at its base, and the golden-hued walls of the Grand Canyon glistening with a dusting of fresh snow. Consider the misty magic of a geyser basin, where steam and hot plumes of water mix with freezing temperatures, then cling to any nearby objects, forming an other-worldly snowscape. Picture wildlife tracks in new snow cover, meandering off toward the horizon, into thick of trees. These are some of the images of winter in Yellowstone, and you can put yourself in these pictures.

Yellowstone National Park Lodges offers Custom Guided Tours for those who wish to personalize their experience. You can find more information below:

Airport Shuttle from Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport
We now offer a daily shuttle (winter season only) from the Bozeman Airport to/from Yellowstone. You can reserve your seat(s) when making your lodging reservations by phone. More information is located here, or ask the reservations agent when you call to book your stay.