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Yellowstone Lake Butte Sunset Tour


Evening Tour

The area around the north shore of Yellowstone Lake is a charming locale at any time of day, but in morning and evening the effects of the light offer truly stunning vistas to explore, and Park wildlife is more active as well. Exactly what route the tour will follow, what initial stops it might make, what species of wildlife may frequent the roadside, varies from week to week, as does the time of sunset. Your driver-host keeps all this in mind, so as to arrive at the summit of Lake Butte to watch the sun drop on the horizon. From the 8,348-foot (2,544-meter) summit, you’ll have views (weather permitting) of Electric Peak and Mount Washburn, in the northeast and north sides of the Park, and of the magnificent Grand Tetons to the south (in neighboring Grand Teton National Park). As the twilight shadows fall, you’ll climb back into the Historic Yellow Bus and retrace your steps to the Lake Yellowstone Hotel.

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Yellowstone Lake Butte Sunset Tour – 2021 Advanced Approved Dates & Rates
Pick Up LocationOperating DatesDays of the WeekCheck-InReturn TimeAdult RateChild Rate (3-11)
Lake HotelMay 22, 2021-August 2, 2021Daily7:15pm9:30pm$43.50$21.75
August 3, 2021-August 23, 2021Daily6:45pm 9:00pm$43.50$21.75
August 24, 2021-September 5, 2021Daily6:15pm8:30pm$43.50$21.75
Fishing Bridge RV ParkSeptember 6, 2021-September 13, 2021Daily6:25pm8:30pm$43.50$21.75
September 14, 2021-September 20, 2021Daily5:55pm8:00pm$43.50$21.75
September 21, 2021-September 25, 2021Daily5:40pm7:45pm$43.50$21.75