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Old Faithful Inn, the most famous structure in the National Parks, opened to the public on June 1st, 1904. Prior to this time, hotels in national parks were built to look like those in cities, as islands of civilization in the “frightful wilderness.” The Inn’s young and gifted architect, Robert Chambers Reamer, had the vision that electric lights, steam heat, indoor plumbing, and a fine restaurant could provide the needed feeling of safety, and could be housed in a structure that appeared to have grown out of the landscape. The result revolutionized national park architecture, established Mr. Reamer’s reputation, and has fascinated Yellowstone visitors to this day. Please join us for a free tour, to see the quirks of its construction, to hear the experience of Yellowstone visitors of a bygone era, and to experience the greatest human-made space in the National Parks!

Old Faithful Inn Tour – 2018 Dates
LocationOperating DatesDays of the WeekTimesRates
5/5-10/6Daily9:30am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 3:30pmFree