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Inspired by Yellowstone

Inspired by Yellowstone

Written by: , July 06th, 2018
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To say that Yellowstone has inspired artists is an understatement. In many ways, the park owes its existence to the artists who found inspiration here.

In 1870, Wyoming was a territory and Yellowstone’s marvels were a mystery to Congress and most of the U.S. population. Back then — long before selfies, digital images, and Instagram — artists depicted the world’s wonders for a curious public. And in the case of Yellowstone, the photographers, illustrators, and painters who portrayed the area proved instrumental in its establishment as a national park: artist Thomas Moran, and photographers William Henry Jackson and Frank J. Haynes — played a seminal role in Yellowstone’s preservation.

These days, Yellowstone inspires artists from all over the world to try to capture the magic of ‘Wonderland’. That’s why we carry products from local artists in our gift shops. Almost 80% of our inventory is made in the USA and regularly seek out homegrown fare at local trade shows.

We’re proud of the work of these artists and that’s why throughout the summer we feature them across the park at our lodges in our ‘Inspired by Yellowstone’ artist series. We invite you to experience these incredible artists while they’re in the park. Please stop by to meet and talk with them.  Learn more about the 2019 lineup and a few of the artists:

Lake Yellowstone Hotel

May 12-14: Scott Frazier

May 15-18: Kathy Burk

May 31-June 3: John Potter

June 4-6: DG House

June 9-11: Scott Frazier

June 12-15: Kathy Burk

June 21-24: Fort Omotse Creations

June 25-29: Peter Ray James

July 3-5: Tom Murphy

July 30-August 1: Tom Murphy

August 16-19: John Potter

September 11-14: Kathy Burk

September 18-21: Kathy Burk

Old Faithful Inn

June 5-8: Artist Kathy Burk

June 11-13: Photographer Tom Murphy

June 20-24: Artist Peter Ray James

June 25-27: Photographer Tom Murphy

June 26-30: Manny Rodriguez

July 16 & 18: Author Dennis Linnehan

June 30-August 1: Yellowstone Agate Jewelry

August 23-26 Fort Omotse Creations

September 2-4: Old Faithful Inn

September 9-12: Elizabeth Watry

September 16-19: Elizabeth Watry

September 25-28: Kathy Burk

September 30: Yellowstone Agate Jewelry

Mammoth Hot Springs

July 23-26: DG House

August 5-9: DG House

August 20-22: Yellowstone Agate Jewelry

Artist Kathy Burk

“Thermal Puddles” are a decorative kiln glass series that are inspired by the thermal pools found in
Yellowstone National Park. I am fascinated by the geology of “The Park”. Looking deep, down into the
earth the rings of bold color get hotter as the color changes. Microorganisms live in the shallow water
which help create the amazing color along with the presence of different minerals exposed to the heat
from the earth.

A reaction occurs when fusing sulfur and copper-bearing glass with silver foil. The reaction is very
much like what happens in the park with the same minerals and extreme heat present. Rings of bold
color form and no two are exactly alike.

Modern Relics Thermal Puddles are the thermal pools you can touch. The bowls are tactile and present;
they represent the change brought on by the processes that occur at the core of the park, the caldera.

Photographer Tom Murphy

The strength and vitality of Yellowstone’s wild character is unique and valuable. It gives hope to
everyone who experiences its beauty. The natural infinitely changing wonders captivated me as a little
kid on family vacations and inspired me to move here in 1978. I am more intrigued and drawn to this
place every passing year.

I hope to open people’s senses through my work and help them to recognize the beauty and value of
clean healthy landscapes and dynamic wild life stories.

I want people to experience the same sense of humility and wonder in the presence of life and vitality
that I had while making my photographs. By recognizing the value of Yellowstone, I hope my
photographs encourage others to tell their own stories, help inspire reverence, and encourage them to
help to preserve the place.

Painter DG House

Contemporary Native American Artist DG House of Bozeman, MT has had her work exhibited in the finest art museums including the Yellowstone Art Museum and the CM Russell Museum in Montana as well the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ, and the Eiteljorg Museum of Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis, IN. Her work is in permanent collections worldwide including rock stars Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Michael McDonald, and the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC.

When asked about Yellowstone’s inspiration on her and her work, DG says, “Be careful, it can change you. Yellowstone completely inspires everything I do, including moving halfway across the country to be there.” It inspired her choice of career, first becoming a photographer and then a painter.

As DG explains it, Yellowstone is, “The essence of everything I do. Every painting I create is based on a story, a real story that happened in Yellowstone Park at some point.”

DG wants her work to, “give voice to the people and wildlife of Yellowstone that don’t have a voice in this culture” and “remind the viewer of what they felt when they were in the park.”

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