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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Written by: , January 31st, 2024
Categories: People

Yellowstone’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) states:  We are a welcoming community who work hard, share a passion for the environment, and enjoy creating memorable experiences for our guests.  Kindness is part of what we do as a hospitality business. Going the extra mile or above and beyond to deliver on a guest experience is second nature.  Random Acts of Kindness Week is celebrated February 11-17 culminating in an official “RAK Day” on the 17th. It is an aspirational week that aligns with our EVP and reminds us of what we do and how we can do more – for ourselves and one another.

I was reminded of our community’s kindness during our recent cold snap. Anytime I left my office building to walk across campus, a colleague would stop, ensure I was okay,  and offer a ride. During the early morning hours, I witnessed another colleague scraping ice off the windshields of several guest cars after he had done his own. There were reports of snow coach drivers initiating a shuttle for staff to and from the dorms to Snow Lodge.  Not related to frigid temps, Mammoth Human Resources recently created a bulletin board for staff to express positivity towards their teammates using sticky notes (photo below). As this picture was being taken, room attendant Pancho Martinez was running around sharing the fortune cookies he had just purchased – another demonstration of the kindness in our community’s genes.

Employee recognition comments also serve as a poignant reminder of the kind and generous hearts within our community.

“Whenever I go into the EDR, Jesse is so positive and kind. He is very accommodating and always polite.”

“Alison went out of her way to fill some cups with the soaps so the guest could have their own.”

“Rachel is a true team player. When we were decorating the lobby, she volunteered her lunchtime to help us. The next time I saw her was in the EDR serving. She said that she was also volunteering to help out there.”

“Isaac went to great ends to make an information packet for the guides which is full of very good information. It will be a useful tool for guides for years to come, as the information is timeless.”

Reminders to extend kindness or give a little extra never hurts. In our busy, distracted lives opportunities to take a “kindness pause” can easily pass us by. And, again, not only kindness to one another but kindness to ourselves. You can learn more about Random Acts of Kindness on their website. Become a “Raktivist” – find challenges, posters, and inspiration to weave a little more kindness into your world, whether at home, work, or school.

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