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4 Tips for Staying Safe Around Newborn Elk

4 Tips for Staying Safe Around Newborn Elk

Written by: , June 08th, 2018
Categories: Facts


As we celebrate spring and the birth of new life in Yellowstone, a reminder to show some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to the momma elk and their new calves in Yellowstone. Mammoth Hot Springs, in particular, is a popular area for cow elk to give birth. It’s very common for cow elk to aggressively defend newborn calves and hide them near buildings and cars. As a result, Yellowstone has seen a few serious injuries resulting from elk encounters.

To keep yourself and the wildlife safe, follow these 4 safety tips:

1. Be extra cautious anywhere elk and calves are present

Mother elk licking her baby

2. Approach blind corners slowly

Two Elk sitting in the grass

3. Maintain a safe distance (at least 25 yards)

Elk babies

4. If you happen to come across an elk calf alone and stashed, back away and be sure to notify rangers so they can keep other visitors aware and safe.

Calf elk under porch at Mammoth with mother nearby

Want to know more about how you can stay safe and respectful while traveling in Yellowstone? Learn more about taking the #YellowstonePledge.

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