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Timeless Yellowstone Recipes

Timeless Yellowstone Recipes

Written by: , April 28th, 2022
Categories: Food

Yellowstone Recipes

Yellowstone has 47 dining venues, including dining rooms, fast-casual, cafeterias, bars, employee facilities, delis and snack shops. Almost half of Yellowstone’s summer staff work for the Food and Beverage Operation. These pandemic years have certainly put a strain on these park operations, and, like all of us, they have had to face many challenges and remain extraordinarily agile. Take-out had become commonplace, and we look forward to inching closer to “normal” and using less paper!

At the heart of the organized chaos are recipes that have stood the test of time and are cherished by guests and employees alike.  Evoke Yellowstone nostalgia with two long-time park recipes and wet your whistle an ever-popular beverage served during the winter season.

Aksel Theilkuhl, the new Executive Chef, graciously shared these popular recipes with us, so you can take a little bit of Yellowstone home with you. Aksel stepped into his role in December of 2021 and hit the ground running. Along with his wife and canine companion, he brought vast culinary experience from big restaurant groups all over the country.

Aksel is an outdoorsy kind of person, eager to pair a challenging job with work in a remote area. He enjoys the solitude places like Yellowstone offer and is excited to explore the backcountry this summer. We look forward to his contributions to our Food and Beverage department as he aims to elevate the level of cooking through training and “getting back to the basics.” The employee dining room is a top priority as well. Look for lighter, healthier, and more seasonally prepared options on the menu in guest and employee eateries – simplified food made from scratch as well as various ethnic options.

Great all year round, the Bunsen Mule encapsulates the spirit of the holiday season with spices and ginger beer.


1 ¼ oz. Great Grey Gin
¾ oz. cinnamon simple syrup
Muddle: 2 lime wedges, 5 cranberries with the simple syrup
Top with ginger beer and splash of soda water

Enjoy in a Yellowstone Copper Mug!