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The Lifestyle

One of the biggest perks of working in Yellowstone is the amazing community that develops living and eating alongside people from all over the world. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and cultures but have several things in common. They have a solid work ethic and a positive attitude. They are open to new experiences, have a passion for the outdoors and the environment, and take pride in being ambassadors of the world’s first national park.

The Scoop

Where You Will Live

You will live in Yellowstone National Park. We provide low-cost housing ($45.74 per two-week pay period). Options vary across locations (some are new, others are historic).

There are several options regarding employee housing, but the most common option is a dorm.

Dorm life is a great opportunity for bonding with employees from all over the world and creating friendships that last a lifetime.

However, if you have pets, living in Yellowstone may not be for you.

Where You Will Eat

We provide low-cost meals in cafeteria-style dining rooms ($164.00 per two-week pay period).

You’ll have breakfast, lunch, and dinner made for you.

A menu cycle has been established to provide a wide variety of well-balanced meals, including vegetarian options and a full salad bar.

However, due to the size of our operations, the EDR isn’t able to accommodate individuals with restricted dietary needs (diabetic, gluten-free, vegan, etc.). 

Where You Will Explore

With 2.2 million acres in your backyard, Yellowstone offers many possibilities for adventure! Outdoor recreation, athletics, trips, tours, cultural events, seminars, and games are just some of the many options.

While there are many perks of working in Yellowstone that we can put a price tag on, some of the perks we offer are priceless.

However, if you prefer streaming movies and music, playing games on your cell phone, or need access to big-city amenities, living in Yellowstone may not be for you.

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