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National Park Themed Games

National Park Themed Games

Written by: , August 06th, 2021
Categories: Facts

Get in the game with National Park themed games!

Each year we celebrate the National Park Service’s Birthday on August 25, but did you know when Yellowstone was first created the National Park Service didn’t exist to oversee it? Yellowstone was established in 1872 as the world’s first National Park. In the early days of the park, superintendents were left with a challenge of enforcing the law and building infrastructure with very little funding and staff. Poachers, squatters, woodcutters, and vandals ravaged Yellowstone. As such, Congress refused to appropriate money for ineffective administration.

Enter the US Army on August 20, 1886. They enforced regulations in Yellowstone, guarded major attractions, evicted troublemakers, and patrolled the park’s 2.2 million acres. But it was still clear that the parks needed an agency to oversee that was specially equipped and educated to preserve the park. The National Park Service Organic Act was passed by Congress and approved on August 25, 1916. The National Park Service was born.

Ever since Yellowstone and the United States’ 62 designated National Parks and 419 national park sites have been protected by the 12,393+ rangers and employees under the National Park Service.

To celebrate our National Parks and the National Park Service, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite National Park Themed games the whole family can enjoy!

1. National Parks Monopoly Game

Gather the family up and enjoy a National Park twist to this classic game! Collect America’s treasures while passing go in the Monopoly National Parks Edition, which includes 22 of the most popular national parks. Swap the houses for a campsite and move around the board with your bison or ranger hat token! 2-6 players, age 8+


2. National Park Yahtzee

These aren’t your ordinary dice! Roll monuments, trees, moose, and other special dice in National Parks Yahtzee. Perfect to pack for your next road trip for some fun on to go! 1 or more players, age 8+


3. National Park Coloring Book

Looking to unleash your creative side? Get your zen on while being inspired with our national parks by picking up the 61 Illustrated National Parks Coloring Book. Featuring original poster art by the Anderson Design group, this coloring book will bring out your creative side while you explore the national parks from the pages of this book. Fun for all ages!


4. Parks the game

Players take on the role of two hikers trekking across trails through different seasons. Featuring artwork from the 59 Parks Print Series, this game is both fun for the family and visually appealing! 1-5 Players, age 10+


5. National Park Trivial Pursuit

Answer trivia questions and learn fun facts about the national parks with Trivial Pursuit. Includes carry case and carabiner so you can take it along on your next adventure for some family fun! 2 or more players, age 12+.

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