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How to Make Your Yellowstone Application Stand Out

How to Make Your Yellowstone Application Stand Out

Written by: , January 25th, 2019
Categories: Working

Here at Yellowstone National Park Lodges, we hire more than 3,000 employees for our season (April to November). We start accepting applications in October but don’t fret if you haven’t applied yet. We receive the bulk of our applications between January and March. So how can you make your Yellowstone application stand out from the rest?

  • Availability is key! Our season runs from April to November. One of the first things Human Resources looks at is your Earliest Available Start Date and Latest Available End Date. Applications are primarily rejected due to limited availability. While we’re always looking for staff to cover our peak season (June through August) we put a priority on those applicants that can start in April or May, and/or stay through October.
    • Don’t worry if you have limited availability, there are still plenty of great opportunities for you. We ask that you can commit to living and working in Yellowstone for at least 3 months (starting in April or finishing in October).
  • You have a solid work ethic and a positive attitude! When applying for a specific job, it is important that your experience matches up with the job description. However, because we have 9 lodges, 5 campgrounds, and 15 different dining facilities, there are PLENTY of entry-level opportunities for you.
    • In fact, many managers and directors in Yellowstone started in these entry-level jobs (room attendant, laundry, dishwasher, etc.) Regardless of your experience, the best thing to do is show a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard.
  • Be flexible! Not only do we have a variety of jobs available, but we also have a variety of locations you could be assigned to in the 2.2 million acre park. What’s unique about seasonal work is its focus on the experience (not just the job itself). Don’t fixate on a certain job or certain location. Rather, embrace a job that enables you to live, work, and explore the world’s first national park.
    • If you are flexible, our Hospitality Crew position is the best job to apply for. This tells us that you are interested in Yellowstone and that you are open to being assigned a job and location based on your experience level as well as our business needs.
  • While filling out your application, make sure you pay careful attention to detail and put your best foot forward (i.e., proper punctuation, grammar, and answering in complete sentences). While not all fields may be required, make sure to fill them all out. Even if a question doesn’t apply to you, entering a “not applicable” or “not relevant” shows that you have at least read the question.
    • Most importantly, complete your application! You would be surprised at how many people forget to click “Submit” after filling out an application.

Ready to start your adventure in “Wonderland”? Check out our website for all the details on the departments, the community, and the lifestyle. Then, head on over to our job listings site to review the currently posted positions and submit your application!

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