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Outside The Window: Office Views In Yellowstone

Outside The Window: Office Views In Yellowstone

Written by: , September 05th, 2023
Categories: People

Yellowstone Office Views

**Updated October 2021**

When you’re working in Yellowstone, you have the world’s first national park outside your window. And with 9 different locations scattered across 2.2 million acres around the park, you never know what wonders will appear while on the job. Here’s a glimpse into what some of our team members see while on the job in Yellowstone.


Not only are elk the most abundant large mammal found in Yellowstone, but they are also the most likely to be spotted outside the window. One of the sure signs of spring is when we start seeing elk calves. Within an hour of birth, elk calves start taking their first steps upon spindly long legs. They spend their first few months inquisitively checking out their new surroundings.


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In fall, the elk mating season begins. Watching and listening to the eerie bugle of the bulls as they jockey for position and guard their harems is one of the true highlights of fall in Yellowstone.


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While elk may have the highest numbers in Yellowstone, bison are probably what the park is best known for. In fact, Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where bison have lived continuously since prehistoric times. Bison migrate around the park with the seasons and late winter/early spring is the best time to view them in Mammoth. In the summer, they can be found in Lamar and Hayden Valleys.


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Did you know that Yellowstone has a secret season? In between spring and summer, there is a secret season-just for rainbows! Warm sunny days followed by afternoon thunder showers produce spectacular rainbows (often double rainbows!).


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So what will you see out the window in Yellowstone? Explore our jobs and discover what your office view could be.