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You Know You Live in Yellowstone When…

You Know You Live in Yellowstone When…

Written by: , August 19th, 2019
Categories: People

Yellowstone Life

Coming to work in Yellowstone is like stepping into another world. One where you live, work, and explore with people from all over the globe. When new employees arrive in Yellowstone, their first few days are filled with training and orientation to help them learn how to make the most of their summer in ‘Wonderland’. As the days and months go by, employees find themselves fully embracing life in the world’s first national park. What once seemed overwhelming is now just part of everyday life. Find out tips from our employees who share the moments that made them say “you know you live in Yellowstone when…”

You see wildlife on a regular basis

Yellowstone’s abundant and diverse wildlife are as famous as its geysers. Yellowstone is home to the largest concentration of mammals in the lower 48 states. Wildlife watching is a favorite activity of many employees. But many times you don’t even have to leave your village to see wildlife. Marcin from Poland shares: “bison on your way home are [a] normal thing.” Isaac from Dallas, Texas says “I usually pass a family of elk on my walk to work daily.” You know you live in Yellowstone when you pass these creatures on the commute to and from the dorm (but you never get jaded about the rare opportunity to live among Yellowstone’s awe-inspiring animals).


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You are able to disconnect

Because of the mountainous terrain throughout the Yellowstone area, cellular and internet coverage vary greatly. Service is slower than what many are used to. But Wes from Birmingham, Alabama says he knows employees are fully acclimated when “you don’t mind when you don’t have cell service.” In addition to disconnecting from technology, many employees also find themselves disconnecting from the daily grind. “You don’t know the date or day of week.” is what Chris from Seattle, Washington shares. You know you live in Yellowstone when you operate on “Yellowstone time” and not a calendar.

You embrace nature

“Everyone is here because they love nature and want to have fun,” says Micky from Centennial, Colorado. While many of our employees do enjoy hiking, there are other ways they enjoy nature without having to lace up their hiking boots. Fishing in the Madison River, road-tripping over the Beartooth Highway, or hammocking on the shores of Yellowstone Lake are just some of the ways employees immerse themselves. And remember, embracing nature doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Deirdre from Texarkana, Texas says “a pleasant surprise I’ve experienced is the sight of the Milky Way at night.” With 2.2 million acres to explore, you know you live in Yellowstone when you seek out those blissful moments of nature.

So, are you ready to give up the sounds of sirens for the bugling of elk? Do you want to trade traffic jams for bison jams? Can you see yourself walking on boardwalks rather than sidewalks? All of these and more will quickly become your norm when you work in Yellowstone National Park. Come discover the moment that you will find yourself saying “You Know You Live in Yellowstone When…”

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