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Laundry Crew

Bison, wolves and geysers are what bring people to Yellowstone. But to serve the million-plus overnight guests takes a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts. With more than 2,300 rooms and 5,000 beds, ensuring clean linens, bedspreads and towels is no small load (pun intended.) Yellowstone has come a long way since the old days of the laundry workers known as “Bubble Queens.”

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Why Choose a Laundry Job in Yellowstone?

  • You’re an early bird. Laundry starts bright and early. The washers start up at 6am. This means that thing start to wind down in the afternoon as the piles of laundry start to get smaller. Get off by late afternoon and have plenty of time to take advantage of the rest of your day to explore the area!
  • You like to be on your feet. The laundry crew sorts laundry, loads and unloads bins, folds, feeds, and carries sheets, pillowcases and towels. You can get into great shape by spending a season in laundry.
  • You like to groove. The laundry facility is always pumping some jams.
  • The laundry facility is fast-paced and friendly. You will work on a close-knit team that works together to accomplish a big task!

“All employees of the laundry department made an impact. It was like having a new family.”

Fun Fact: All of our laundry (sheets, towels, blankets, tablecloths, napkins and more) is washed, dried, folded, counted, mended, and sorted out of one facility in beautiful Gardiner, MT. Four million pounds of laundry are processed each season!


“People down here are amazing to work with…a lot of fun. You get to have a close bonding experience with everybody.”

Yellowstone Jobs: Find Your Role

The team consists of 55 seasonal workers, four seasonal supervisors, five maintenance staff, and two seamstresses (to keep the thousands of uniforms sized properly.)

Interested? There are a variety of positions on our Laundry Crew to fit what you are looking for:

Laundry Help

The Laundry Help – Wash Deck/Tunnel Operator positions in Yellowstone provide guests with fresh, clean linen product used throughout the park. Teamwork and positive communication with all supervisors and co-workers are essential in this fast-paced, high heat environment. This job is very physical requiring you to stand for long periods of time in an industrial setting.

Laundry Truck Driver

Truck Drivers in Yellowstone ensure the movement of linens and other Laundry Operations products around the park. Drivers operate vehicles up to 62-feet in length over narrow park roads early hours in the morning, in various weather conditions.

Laundry Office Coordinator

The Laundry Office Coordinator is the central point of contact for external laundry customers, coordinating with all departments to meet their linen needs. The Coordinator is responsible for all office functions in the laundry operation.

Uniform Clerk

The Uniform Room is part of the Laundry Operation and handles uniforms for over 3,000 seasonal staff. The Uniform Room Clerk issues and receives uniforms, checks returned uniforms for quality, and re-hangs cleaned uniforms in correct order. Quality customer service skills and attention to detail are essential for this position.


The Seamstress keeps it all together, with alterations and clothing repairs that ensure Yellowstone staff look good in their uniforms! Other duties include issuing and receiving uniforms.

Laundry Management

Oversees almost 60 seasonal employees and creates a team that works together to handle a variety of production duties and responsibilities. Their focus it to create a quality product that literally ends up in the hands of both internal and external guests.

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Meet Mary Dee Evitt

Mary Dee Evitt is an Assistant Laundry Manager. She is originally from Tennessee and winter 2020 is her third season in the park. When her children were young she saw a sign saying “come work in Yellowstone”. She always kept it in the back of her mind and after her children grew up, she headed west. Mary Dee has some great advice for new employees: “step out of your comfort zone if you are shy, so many people are nice and just like you far from home.”

Meet Forest Whitener

Forest is the assistant manager for the laundry department. He comes to Yellowstone from Michigan and has spent 4 seasons in Yellowstone. While on the job, he loves to keep the energy up by playing music and collaborating with his team on playlists. Off the job you can find him hiking with friends through the woods, or enjoying a nicely grilled steak over the campfire. His advice for new employees is to “enjoy yourself. Take pride in the fact that your job is part of a much larger operation than you might think. While you make other people experiences special, never forget that you being here is special too.”

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Laundry Operation Making a Big Splash in Yellowstone

Ensuring clean linens, bedspreads and towels is no small load (pun intended.)

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