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Working in Yellowstone in the Spring

Spring is an exciting time in Yellowstone National Park. As winter draws to a close, roads open up and warm-weather lodging is prepared for guests. It’s one of the most amazing times to live and work in the world’s first national park.

Multiple jobs in Yellowstone are available in the spring and there are lots of reasons why working in the park is an incredible opportunity. For one, it is our shortest season (but full of activity!) The landscape is changing almost daily. The days get longer, the park greens up, and wildflowers begin to bloom in the geyser basins. Yellowstone Lake is thawing out and spring runoff turns the waterfalls into truly spectacular sights. Immerse yourself in the beauty and wonders of Yellowstone in the spring. Read on for more!

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What to Expect During Spring


The park may be warming up but, at certain locations (Canyon and Lake), it can still feel (and look) a lot like winter. There are fewer visitors and the park is quietly readying for a new season. Snowcoaches go back into storage and stagecoaches come out of storage. Snow and ice are cleared from roads and parking lots. Lodges are deep cleaned and prepared to welcome visitors for another season.



Four of Yellowstone’s campgrounds and all but two lodges open in May. During spring, many of the animals that live in the park are having their young: bison, elk, moose, pronghorn, wolf, and bear all welcome new ones into the world. Spring is prime time for viewing some of Yellowstone’s smallest and friskiest inhabitants. Plus, it is the best opportunity for seeing bears as they come out of hibernation in search of winter-killed carcasses.

Spring at a Glance

  • Spring is the transition from winter to summer, and as such can offer weather from both seasons
  • Fewer visitors means you don’t have to share Yellowstone’s attractions with large numbers of guests
  • Spring is perfect for hiking and backpacking at lower elevations and skiing and snowshoeing is still available at higher elevations

Positions Available

Interested? Join our Hospitality Crew this spring! Applying to this position allows you to be considered for multiple positions (based on your experience level as well as our business needs). You could start working as early as late March/early April 2019!

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