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5 Reasons to Work in Yellowstone National Park

5 Reasons to Work in Yellowstone National Park

Written by: , January 03rd, 2024
Categories: People

WorkING at Yellowstone

Finding a job is easy. Finding a job that’ll change your perspective, deliver bucket-list caliber experiences, and open doors to an exciting and successful career? That’s a different story – one you can write for yourself at Yellowstone National Park. At Xanterra Travel Collection®, we are a welcoming community who work hard, share a passion for the environment, and enjoy creating memorable experiences for our guests in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Weather your are looking for seasonal or full-time work, here are the top 5 (of many) reasons to work in Yellowstone National Park.

Housekeepers posing in the Lake Hotel1. Meet incredible people

Working in Yellowstone is about so much more than a paycheck. Yellowstone National Park attracts people from all over the world and from all walks of life, so if you love to meet new and interesting people, there’s no better place to work! The simple lifestyle, the superb quality of life, and the stunning natural setting attract all kinds of folks, from students, to established professionals, to retired people. Yellowstone team mates describe the park as “inclusive” – a place to make lifelong friends and, in some cases, life partners. Yellowstone’s J-1 program brings people together from around the world who share a love of the outdoors and a thirst for adventure.

Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone2. Live in one of the world’s most beautiful places

With 2.2 million acres of gorgeous outdoors to explore, Yellowstone National Park is not your typical office environment. The only traffic jam you’re going to experience on the way to work is a herd of elk or bison in the road. If you’re a person who appreciates the outdoors and enjoys spending time in nature, there’s no better way to mix business with pleasure. What will be in your backyard? Breathtaking geyser basins, plunging waterfalls, serene Yellowstone Lake, rugged trails and canyons: no matter what kind of landscape you love, you’ll find it here in the park, and you’ll be able to explore and experience it when you make Yellowstone your place to work and explore.

A group of four hikers stops along the trail to pose with elk antlers3. Try bucket-list experiences every day

Most of us only dream about hiking in a National Park or spotting a herd of bison before breakfast, but at Yellowstone, these bucket-list experiences will be your reality. If adventure is what you crave, Yellowstone delivers. Get out of your comfort zone and make memories that last a lifetime. In between work shifts, you’ll have access to various activities like horseback riding, boat tours, wildlife viewing tours, hiking, fishing – all for a discount or free! The quality of life and access to activities in Yellowstone is second to none, and there’s always something new waiting to be discovered. It’s like getting to enjoy a mini-vacation every day!

A chef prepares a meal on the stove4. Enjoy limitless career opportunities

If you love working at Yellowstone, there’s no need to say goodbye when the season ends. As the primary concessionaire in Yellowstone and a part of the Xanterra Travel Collection® family, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow, travel, and work in Yellowstone or elsewhere within the Xanterra family. Many of our seasonal staff return year after year to their positions, but you’ll also have an opportunity to try different roles and, if you wish, you can work your way into a satisfying long-term career. And if you do move into a different life path after your season in Yellowstone, you’ll do so with plenty of confidence and fresh skills that come with working in a national park. This personal growth will serve you well no matter what professional route you choose.

A dorm bed and chest of drawers5. It’s a simple lifestyle

With low-cost onsite housing and meal plans, affordable medical services, a free recreation program, and discounts from gateway businesses, one can save money and avoid unnecessary hassle. Seldom is there even a need to deal with traffic on the morning commute, as employee housing is typically just a short walk away from your work location. Working at Yellowstone makes life simple.

Ready to work in Yellowstone?

With positions in housekeeping, food and beveragemaintenance/engineering, security, and more, Yellowstone welcomes team members from all over the world who share a passion for the environment and a desire to create unforgettable experiences for guests. See if a Yellowstone job might be right for you – for a season or forever!

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